How To Buy a Designer Bag for Less

Apart from shoes, another fashion obsession for women is designer bags. But how many women can truly afford to buy designer bags? The price of a designer bag can be equivalent to someone’s one month take home pay. Now, that is not practical at all. But if you are really keen on owning a designer bag, you should think of ways to buy one without having to spend so much.

Here are suggested ways on how to buy a designer bag for less:

  1. Visit eBay. Being a popular online shopping site, eBay frequently offers designer pieces at huge discounts. However you should be careful because there are sellers who trick the buyers by selling counterfeit products. Many designer bags are now being produced by unauthorized manufacturers, and although they are pretty much the same in appearance and design, the original bags are still much better especially when it comes to durability.
  2. Do your shopping directly from the manufacturer’s website. Since online retailing has now become the hip trend everywhere, manufacturers of designer bags have kept abreast by putting their wares for sale in their websites. But again, be wary about the authenticity of the website. Make sure it is the official site and not a fake one put up by unscrupulous scammers. 
  3. Search for wholesalers. Since wholesale stores buy their goods in bulk directly from the source, they get big discounts and rebates from the manufacturers. The rebates they get from their purchases allow them to resale Prada, Coach, Louis Vuitton and other designer bags at lower prices than those in other retail stores. To ease up your search, ask around from mall sales attendants if they know any wholesale stores in the area. Being part of the business, they might be able to help you.
  4. You can also make your purchase from establishments that supply goods to retail stores. To find one, browse on sites for consumer’s guides on the Internet. Also, there are business magazines and newspapers that periodically publish advertisements on local suppliers of certain goods. Get some tips too from sales clerks. When fitting a pair of shoes for instance, try to engage the sales attendants in a conversation and casually, you will be able to gain some information from them about certain suppliers.
  5. Visit factory sales. These sales are generally conducted in the factory site wherein some items that did not pass quality control due to minor defects are auctioned at very low prices. Well, you might want to own a flawless designer bag, but if you can find an item with negligible defects, why not opt for it? For sure, nobody will scrutinize your bag and announce that it is defective unless you tell it to others.
  6. Renting a designer bag is also an option, but perhaps, the last thing you should do. If you think you cannot really afford to buy the designer bag of your dream, you can rent that bag from rental stores. Malls are huge and surely there are a few rental stores standing in some parts of these establishments.

Designer bags are worth buying and keeping. They are durable, trendy and functional. So if you truly want to buy one for less, be patient in searching for outlets that sell designer items at lower prices.


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