How To Buy a Large Diamond

Diamonds are forever, right? Of course, they are. And that is why it is very important to never rush into any purchase without doing your homework. You must bear in mind that this brilliant stone did not take its place in the echelons of history just because it is nice and shiny. For whatever purpose you are willing to go for broke just to own one, it is important to be equipped with a discerning eye and be prepared to fill the shoes of that of an appraiser.

  • Educate yourself for an intelligent purchase. A crash course to understand the basic component of this rare stone, the industry in which it is traded in, the language that is often used, will make it easier to put forth an intelligent line of questioning prior to purchase. For instance, one should take note that one single big diamond is of much higher value than, say, six smaller ones.
  • Appraisal checklist. There are four things that you must be able to satisfy when you have eyed several prospect stones: the diamond’s Clarity, Color, Cut and Carat. Clarity refers to how clear the stone is when you look at it—no blemishes or imperfections. Color is to measure its value as to how “colorless” it is, whether clear or yellowish. Cut is to admire the craftsmanship of how it was made—this is that ability to make the stone sparkle. Carat is the most often used term that refers to a diamond’s weight (The higher the carat, the more expensive the diamond is. But if the concern is on the size, less of the carat will not necessarily be a bad thing).
  • Reputable brands. Signature brands are top of the line. They are in the business to ensure that the diamond you purchase has undergone all levels of scrutiny, with all the accompanying accreditations and certification that will keep one’s mind at ease after purchase. You must do several researches on these established businesses and should keep these same papers in order if you decide to resell as well.
  • Expert advice. Of course, if you don't have the eye but you've eyed a particular stone in a less popular boutique, in a website, or from a family, a seller, or a friend, you must not hesitate to defer to an expert. A visit to a diamond boutique or an independent certified appraiser will satisfy this enough and will help you decide in no time.

Deciding to buy diamonds is up there with all the major decisions in life. On top of it being one of the biggest investments anyone can make, it also levels up a person’s status, whether as a gift, a gesture of appreciation, a collection, a trade or just basically the irresistible allure of one sparkly stone from a shop window, rest assured that it is by no means a  small matter.


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