How To Buy a Thong Bathing Suit

For daring women who can expose their skin, a thong bathing suit is great for a day in the beach or as a treat for your spouse or partner. A thong bathing suit, however, needs to be chosen carefully especially if you want to ensure that you look good in the thong and that you can modify the style for some variety.

  1. Check prices. Make sure that you have set a specific budget for your thongs. Once in a shop that sells thongs, you may feel tempted to select a variety of thongs at once, or choose one that is priced on the high end. By creating a budget first, you will have boundaries to guide you while you shop. Keep in mind that the best thong bathing suits do not necessarily have to be the most expensive, especially if you know where to look.
  2. Check shops. There are plenty of women’s lingerie and clothing shops that sell thong bathing suits. Usually, the neighborhood mall will have a collection of thongs to choose from. However, also check out the boutiques and clothing shops in out of the way neighborhood. Some of the best fashion finds, even for thong bathing suits, are not located in the mall but in the shops and boutiques of fledgling designers.
  3. Check the web. Another great place for you to scout for thong bathing suits is the Internet. There are plenty of online shops where you can purchase thong bathing suits. One of the best advantages of these thong suits purchased from the web is that these will be delivered right on your doorstep. You can also easily compare the prices between various online shops, so that you can determine which thong bathing suits are most economical.
  4. Fit. One advantage with purchasing thong bathing suits in the brick and mortar shops, however, is that you can try on the thongs first. Although not everyone will actually wear the thong in the fitting room, it is still best if you can feel the fabric on your fingers so that you can determine whether you will feel comfortable in the thong bathing suit or not.
  5. Tie sides. How thong bathing suits are tied together varies. There are thongs which come in one piece, while there are also thong suits which are buttoned, clipped, and tied on the sides. The thongs which are tied on the sides are the best choice if you are only planning on purchasing a few pieces, since these are easier to play with – the knots and ribbons that you can create with the ties can add to the over-all effect and appeal of the thong bathing suits.
  6. Mixes. Also consider mixing and matching the tops and bottoms for the thongs. You can purchase two or three suits that come in colors and prints that will complement each other and which will allow you to use the thong suits interchangeably.

Enjoy the water or the bedroom with a good thong bathing suit. Through these steps, finding a thong which will work for you is easy. You can also wear the thong bathing suit with a swimsuit cover-up at the beach, to look classy while remaining utterly sexy.


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