How To Buy a Tuxedo Bowtie

You got the right tuxedo that will give you a dashing figure for formal events, but you need the right bowtie.

Here are tips to buying a tuxedo bowtie:

  • Know your budget. You don’t want to go discount neck wear on a hand-tailored tuxedo. If you are expected to wear a tux a lot, consider a bowtie as an investment. Go for the pricier models, and take great care of it. While you can rent out a tux when you are out of your city, bowties are much more travel-friendlier.
  • Join a group that needs to buy a bowtie for the same occasion. Wedding entourages and fraternity candidates not only can avail of bulk discount purchases, they can coordinate their bow tie styles to avoid clashing and other misunderstandings. In fact, choosing the same unorthodox design can give a group of tuxedo-wearing attendees an air of solidarity and appeal, and bonds the group during the event.
  • Select a fabric. Cotton, silk and other more expensive fabrics are used to create bow ties. Choose the most expensive one that your budget permits. However, if you are expected to encounter stains and dirt during your events, go for the fabric you can easily replace.
  • Buy a tie color that complements the tuxedo. Avoid wearing a bowtie with the exact color as the tux, as this makes you look like a waiter. Choose a hue that is slightly offset from the rest of the attire. For grooms, you can also select a color that reflects the color theme of the ceremony. If you need to buy a bow tie separately, it is safer to go with black or something dark colored, which will go with most tuxedoes. Finally, select solid colors as opposed to patterns, which is hard to pull off in something so sleek as formal wear.
  • Choose between a manual bowtie or a clip-on. Manual bowties can be difficult to knot, but exudes confidence and sophistication. Clip-ons avoid a lot of problems and reflect a more down-to-earth personality. If you are expected to attend many formal events, you might as well get a hang of tying your own bow. If you are a professional who is required to attend an event, stick with a clip-on. This especially works as a sneer to the entire “dress like a penguin” lifestyle. However, the least you can do is conceal the elastic band.
  • If in doubt, go for the smaller version. Bowties are meant to be understated. Ones that are too large can make you look like a formal clown. Check yourself carefully before a fitting room mirror before making a final selection.
  • Purchase the bow tie along with your tuxedo. A tuxedo set is more affordable than purchasing separate items. If you need to replace a worn or damaged tie, choose a new tie that matches your old one.
  • Sport an alternative tie design only if it matches your eccentricities. Known for being a renegade? Wear a fun bowtie that contrasts with the rest of your outfit. Famous for being the geek of your group? Choose a TIE-fighter design. Your neckwear is your best chance to shine despite your uniform look.

If you want to be trendy and different, why not consider a tuxedo four-in-hand? Many actors and awardees sport this fresh look during Oscar night. You can also wear a V-shaped continental tie for a modern, European style.


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