How To Buy a Two Piece Bathing Suit

A two piece bathing suit can be daunting piece of clothing, but when properly selected, it can complement your body shape and your face. Before heading out for the beach, ditch the oversized T shirt and make sure that you have the right two piece bathing suit. Here’s how to buy your own.

  1. Bottom. Begin by choosing a bathing suit with a bottom piece that will elongate your body and your legs. You can do this by selecting the low riding bottom pieces. Since it will take up minimal surface area in the body, your body will seem to have more length to it. In general, the higher the waist line for the bottom piece, the shorter the torso of the woman will appear.
  2. Top. The top you choose should have strings or wires for support especially if you have a large bust. The usual flimsy materials in a two piece bathing suit are insufficient in keeping you supported unless these come with wires. make sure, whoever, that the wires are strong but thin enough to be inconspicuous, especially since the bathing suit will likely get wet and will become semi transparent in some cases.
  3. Matches. You can stand out in a two piece bathing suit by combining a different top and a different bottom. Although combining pieces together, make sure however, that the colors and the prints in the top and bottom are suitable for each other and will complement each other. If you are planning on purchasing several two piece bathing suits that you can match, the cuts of the fabrics should be roughly similar so that the pieces will blend into each other easily.
  4. Color. The color of the bathing suit can also help to give you a more flattering bathing suit. There are brightly colored bathing suits, but these can be difficult to pull off especially since bright colors add emphasis on the bust and hips, which you may not want to overly emphasize. Darker colors, on the other hand, are subtle and will give the appearance of a slimmer figure. Equally important are the prints that will accompany the bathing suit. As much as possible, avoid loud prints such as bright polka dots and horizontal strips that will make your body look wide.
  5. Boy shorts. For women with cellulite, boy shorts or skirted bottoms are another option to consider .these is specifically designed to cover the bottom where cellulite is likely to form. These are also great choices for people who want to engage in beach volleyball or other beach sports, since the skirt will cover the bottom even when jumping.
  6. Cover. You can also use swimsuit cover-ups if you cannot wear the two piece bathing suit alone. These cover-ups can be as simple as a sarong that you can wrap around your body in various styles, or it can be a sleek and sheer dress that comes in fabrics transparent enough to allow a glimpse of your body, while hiding the minute imperfections.

Choosing a two piece bathing suit does not have to be a frightening ordeal, if you know how to select pieces that will flatter your body. These steps should help guide you in choosing a pair that will complement your body.


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