How To Buy a Women's Bathrobe

Bathrobes are sometimes called dressing gowns, cover-ups or housecoats. There are a variety of robe styles and types to choose from that can overwhelm you when you buy a woman’s bathrobe. This guide can help you know what to look for in deciding on the right robe to buy.

1.    Set aside a budget for the type of bathrobe you want.

2.    Determine why you need to buy a bathrobe. Women’s bathrobes are used to:

  • Prevent you from chills after bathing. Most fabrics used for bathrobes are absorbent, intended to dry you up and provide warmth.
  • Help you cover up when you wake up or help you wind down before you sleep at night.
  • Provide absorbency after swimming, serve as a cover-up, or to shield you from sunlight or a strong breeze.

Get a lightweight bathrobe when traveling. Get a style that can double up for use after a bath or as a swim cover-up.

3.    Choose the right fabric for the right season. It is very important to choose the right fabric to feel comfortable. The bathrobe material determines the feel and touch, its weight and absorbency. There are many types of fabrics ranging from the traditional 100% cotton, or satin to the toasty cashmere or smooth microfiber.

  • There are robes made of microfleece, fleece, thick terry, flannel, chenille, and cashmere that are used during cold weather.
  • Plush robes or full-length "sack" robes with hem closures are used to ward off chilly weather and retain your body heat.
  • For non-airconditioned places, 100% breathable knit or woven cotton fabrics, and seersuckers, can provide coverage for humidity.
  • Silk robes are very breathable and provide warmth and comfort.

Select fabric with the care instructions that suits your lifestyle. Fabrics that are smooth, soft, warm and thick stimulate welcome hugs. Smooth fabrics and simple lines are more elegant; while absorbent and thick fabrics are sportier. Bright, shiny fabric bathrobes exude confidence and richness. Comical or colorful and animated motifs create laughter and happy smiles.

4.    Choose your bathrobe style.

  • The classic women’s bathrobe is still the shawl collar, plaid flannel, long sleeved, calf or full-length, sash belted robe.
  • The cotton terry, kimono style robe is a quick-change wrap robe that has a sash belt.
  • The pullover and hooded fleece style bathrobe provides a casual, warm comfort and is used in a drafty place or to dry wet hair.
  • The full-length caftan serves as a regal loungewear.

You can also coordinate the style of your robe with pajamas, swimsuits or nightgowns, or to just show off your fashion style.

5.    Consider your bathrobe’s construction. Bathrobes are not equally constructed, so choose bathrobes that have useful features like:

  • Easy and quick closures: buttons, belts, or zippers
  • Inner ties for modesty
  • Pleated side pockets or outside pockets to store items or warm hands
  • A hood to keep your neck and head warm
  • Small loops to hang your robe
  • Cuffs or collars

These features add extra to your bathrobe’s cost but improve style and comfort.

6.    Choose your size and the right fit. Try to avoid purchasing styles that are one size fits all. Choose a style that offers a variety of sizes you can try on and fit.

7.    Buy in stores or in local retailers so you can try on the bathrobe you choose before a purchase. If the store does not have the size of the style you like, you can easily order one for a later purchase or search online for a cheaper bathrobe.


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