How To Buy Age Appropriate Clothing

I remember that once I reached my late thirties I just couldn't look at the mirror without thinking, ‘Oh my god! How did I get to be like this?' I was lucky that it coincided with my baby's birth and so the change was obvious. I started reworking my wardrobe. Out went the short dresses, the ones that cinched in at the waistline, etc. In came ones with long sleeves, kaftans cuts and such like. But ageing, unlike childbirth, is a much slower process and some of us start getting used to the way we look without trying to evolve our style accordingly. How do we let our clothes be nothing other than comfortable and chic -always celebrating the self wherever you are in your life? Here are a few tips...

Step 1

The mirror is our best friend. Always assess your assets and your weak points. The mirror will have different stories to tell at different times.

Step 2

Know yourself. Your body shape, your colors and what styles suit you best.

Step 3

Dress for the occasion. For an official meeting look stylish and competent, for a family picnic dress summery and comfortably.

Step 4

In your 20s. Experiment to your heart's content - colors, styles, prints and cuts. Watch out that you don't tip over into vulgarity but then, your mirror will definitely help you there!

Step 5

In your 30s. Throw out your teenage wear but keep all the classic styles. Be contemporary, pick fashion elements, which flatter you and be yourself. All those adventures will definitely help you settle into your most complementing styles and cuts. Your thirties will be the final part of the discovery of your self in dress styles.

Step 6

In your 40s. You are clear in your likes and dislikes as well as the image you want to create. Wear tailored clothes, which accentuate your body as well as complement you as a person. Keep your mind frame young and happy, maintain your looks and body with healthy habits and exercise and keep your dressing style simple with no extreme influences. Show less flesh and cover more.

Step 7

In your 50s. Your wardrobe must feature mostly classics, with fewer influences by trends. Following classic styles is a guaranteed success plan.

Step 8

Always pay attention to your make-up and hair. These can support a style and also take away from it, depending on whether you have it right or wrong. Seek your hair stylist's opinion and keep the style simple and sleek.

Finally, if something feels wrong, it usually is wrong - never wear anything that raises questions in your mind like ‘is it too dull' or ‘Does this make me look fat?' Dressing age appropriately does not mean that one dresses one's age, it just means we dress appropriate to our age - so that our body, at whatever age young or old, feels comfortable without compromising on style or personal image, in any way. So go ahead, re-discover yourself and turn heads!


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