How To Buy an Ascot

Ascot, which can either be in tie or scarf form, was popular among the 19th century European men but is now resurfacing to give modern men’s formal wear an added oomph. It is commonly made of silk and worn around the neck, under or over the collar, with loose layers or pleats. Because of its highly elegant look, ascot is a favorite formal wear accent among stylish men. Buying an ascot can be a little tricky, though, especially if this is your first time. But to make it quite easier for you, we put together a buyer’s guideline. Please read on.

  • Take note of the fabric. A lot of different fabrics can be used for ascot: wool, velvet, polyester, etc. But just like in the 19th century fashion, silk is most commonly used nowadays. When choosing a fabric, you are advised to match the fabric of the suit to the fabric of the ascot. Thus, if a heavy suit is to be used, a likewise heavy ascot is appropriate; light ascot, if you are using lightweight suit.
  • Consider the color. Ascot comes in all kinds of colors and shades, so expect to have many color options. However, be very mindful of your choice of color. You don’t want your ascot to be too flashy, but you don’t want it to be bland either. The rule of thumb here is to make a contrasting effect. Therefore, if your shirt is dark in color, a light-colored ascot is ideal. If you are wearing light-colored shirt, opt for a dark ascot.
  • Choose a design pattern. A plain ascot is a classic and can go with any kind of outfit. But if you want to add some life to your outfit, buy an ascot with a nice design pattern. Take note that the operative word here is nice, and nice can somewhat be subjective. But as far as ascot is concerned, nice means a subtle, fine, and restrained pattern. Avoid a very visual design, something that draws the eyes to the ascot. Ascot is not meant to stand out; it is meant to complete a look.
  • Buy from a high-end store. Be reminded that ascot is not something you can find in any department store. It is a special kind of accent, so it is limited in number. In fact, you can find it only in high-end fashion boutiques and stores. This is also to say that ascot can be more expensive than ordinary ties and scarves, so expect to pay extra.
  • Buy from an online store. For your shopping convenience, try to visit online stores. When you shop online, you get to own an ascot without the trouble of going from store to store. Be reminded, however, that there are only few websites that offer ascot, so you might not have a very good selection.

Be extra patient when looking for an ascot both from physical and online stores. Although the selection is generally small, there is a good chance you can find the best ascot that will complement your formal wear.


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