How To Buy an Asymmetrical Skirt

The first thing that is noticed in an asymmetrical skirt is its uneven hemline. It gives the wearer a flirty look because the unevenness of its hemline somewhat teases the imagination as the legs are more exposed in some sides but more covered in other sides. There are many styles of asymmetrical skirts available in boutiques and department stores. Some have layered designs while others have flares and zips. Asymmetrical skirts come in varied lengths. There are full length and mid length ones. There are asymmetrical miniskirts as well.

Here are some things to consider when buying an asymmetrical skirt:

  1. Pick an asymmetrical skirt that will suit your body shape and will enhance your overall look. If you have a larger size, choose full or calf length items. Make sure the asymmetrical hem goes only as high as the mid part of your legs. On the other hand if you are quite on the skinny side, you may pick one with ruffles to give your thin physique a fuller look. If you have a svelte body, you can go for all styles as slim figures can look elegant in full length, mid length as well as appear sexy in miniskirts.
  2. Asymmetrical skirts can effectively flatter your figure if they are in plain colors. If the material is printed, the prints may create an illusion of even patterns, making the skirt lose its hemline asymmetry. It should be noted however that there are certain asymmetrical styles that suit only prints.
  3. Fit the skirt before buying it. Take note of the positions of the ruffles and flounces and make sure they fit you perfectly well. There are certain styles where the positions of the ruffles make an unflattering sight especially for fuller women.
  4. Browse on the web for stores that sell asymmetrical skirts. The following sites are recommended:

  • This site offers a large selection of asymmetrical skirts and dresses. Their items are ideal for informal, casual as well as business occasions.
  • This online store specializes in romantic and idyllic styles of asymmetrical skirts as most of the items for sale carry a village or countryside theme.
  • Funky, sexy, flirty asymmetrical skirts are featured in this site. Most of the articles found here are displayed with complete accessories and embellishments from necklaces, bangles, anklets and other items that create a total look.
  • Selections in this online store are varied and it is good to know that they also cater to women with fuller figures. The asymmetrical designs of the dresses and skirts are executed in such as way as to create a slimming effect on the wearer.
  • With an excellent selection to choose from, you will enjoy browsing on this fashion website. The items sold here are designed for both traditional and hip looks. One stunning item currently found here is a traditional little black skirt with a straight hemline and a zip in front from the waistband down to the hem in an asymmetrical design. Another head-turner outfit in this site is a smocked top asymmetrical skirt that can be converted into a tube dress.

When buying an asymmetrical skirt, the basic fashion rule to follow is: Women with long legs should wear shorter skirts and women with shorter legs should wear longer skirts. You may pair an asymmetrical skirt with plain shoes that will not detract attention from the beauty of the skirt.


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