How To Buy Authentic Designer Bags at a Cheap Price

There’s always that allure of having your own designer bag to flaunt in the office or on weekend walks in the park. Not only are they fashionable, they are also made of material of very high quality, meticulously crafted and mastered for centuries.  Such work of distinction actually justifies the extravagant pricing for their products, but not all of us can afford such luxurious indulgences and it does seem pretty ridiculous when you spend half of your month’s salary on a handbag simply because it’s of a popular brand. And so people find ways around this dilemma and come up with ideas on how you can now own one without going bankrupt. Below are a few options.

1.    Consignment boutiques. Ladies who are too addicted to fashion make it a point not to be seen sporting the same piece of fashionable item more than twice or thrice. Since they find no further use for these items, they have it auctioned or simply thrown out into boutiques that aren’t exactly high-end but carry designer items at extremely discounted prices. Many of these stores are actually projects for charities wherein a sort of garage sale is set-up and a partial of the total profit goes to some noble cause. A cheap cost for helping people in need while looking fabulous.

2.    Participate in auctions. Even fashion sites and magazines online like InStyle and Elle conduct auctions once or twice a year. Celebrities put up their stuff for auction and the more fiercely determined people can just swarm and grab at the items during bidding. This may not prove to be the cheapest option as you will have to fight for a particular item when there are a lot who also want it, but maybe you can get lucky and nobody wants your pick.

3.    Raid garage sales. It could be of your wealthy, snobby neighbor’s, but you have to admit she has good taste in fashion. If she decides she wants to get rid of them, you’d be happy to oblige.  Or if that’s too much for you to take, you can wait for even the main outlets of LV, Prada, Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana and other internationally renowned handbag brands go on sale sprees at the end of every year or season. Take advantage of the inventory and closing sales when discounts can go as high as 50 to 75% off. Visit branches near you or check their websites for schedules of ‘everything-must-go’ days.

4.    Check online. Overstock and eBay are always the forerunners of cheap, authentic finds, although not necessarily all the time. The main problem on eBay is how to discern authenticity. You can with the help of these links:, and

Here’s a list of reputable online stores that seem to be always having sales on designer handbags:

5.    There’s always the thrift store. When all else fails, suck it up and have fun at the thrift stores. This is where they dump all commercial store rejects supposedly for slightest malfunctions that simply do not pass for high-street stylish perfectionists. There’s always that gem hiding somewhere under the pile or quietly sitting in a corner. You might even find a complete set of robes that perfectly complement your inexpensive authentic designer handbag. In these times of dire financial recesses, one must seek practical means even in the satisfaction of worldly needs.


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