How To Buy Ballet Costumes

Buying a ballet costume may seem cut and dry, but there are far more styles than one can imagine. Different styles of ballet will often require different styles of costumes. For instance, a dancer who is doing classical ballet would not wear the same costume as a dancer performing a more contemporary ballet. It is not only important to decide the style of costume when deciding which one to buy, but also price of the costume and gender of the ballerina who will be wearing it.

It is important to decide how you would like the costume to fit. Ask yourself if it would be better to go for a more flowing look or a more classic look.  Take into consideration the type of dance and the moves involved, and always make sure the dancer has enough room to move freely without the costume getting in the way during a performance. When buying a ballet costume it is important that the dancer feels comfortable and not distracted by the outfit.

Another thought to consider when deciding on a ballet costume is the gender of the dancer. While it is acceptable, and even common, for a female ballerina to wear a tutu or skirt of some sort, this isn't the case for male ballerinas. A more simplistic approach is ideal for a male ballet costume since anything too flashy might be distracting to audiences, ultimately taking away from the performance. A costume should add to the effect of the show, but it should never steal the spotlight. A typical male costume consists of a leotard, tights of some sort, and in some cases form fitting shorts.

Price is a big thing to take into consideration when buying a ballet costume. It is always a smart idea to shop around before jumping into any purchase, not excluding ballet gear. Look at the fabric and the sewing. Decide if it seems well made and long lasting. You don't want to get stuck with a cheaply made ballet costume that could easily tear during a performance. If you are buying online be sure to look up customer satisfaction ratings before you make your purchase. Since ballerinas do a lot of moving and stretching, the ballet costume must be able to stretch and move with the dancer, no matter the moves. Once you find the perfect costume, you are free to dance the night away!


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