How To Buy Ballet Costumes for Boys


Even if females are the majority in a ballet, the male presence in this art form is still alive and literally, kicking. Males who enroll in ballet dance classes are very lucky - they usually automatically score the lead role, and they easily stand out from among the bevy of beauties that surround them. If you're a mom of a boy who dances ballet, know that this dance form enhances his flexibility and grace in movement. Many professional male dancers developed their skill in dance through ballet.

If your son is about to have his ballet recital and needs to have his costume ready, what will you do? Here are some easy tips and pointers you could use:

Inquire at your son's ballet center. The ballet center your son's enrolled in has likely staged tons of recitals, and chances are, they have contacts with some local costume suppliers. Ask your son's dance instructor for a list of these suppliers, and inquire if you could get discounts because of your affiliation to the dance center. Also know that many ballet schools take care of all their students' costume requirements whenever there are school recitals coming up. You'd just have to have your son prepped for measurements, and just pay the required fee.

Ask the dance center if they stock old costumes. Many times your son's ballet center will have a stock of their old students' costumes; inquire if they are available for rent, or if you can buy for a discount. This is especially practical since you know you'd be getting the right costume (since it came from the dance center itself) and you'd be getting the most value for your money.

Be sure to have your son with you for fitting. The tricky thing about ballet outfits is that they should be tight, and yet should provide enough comfort for movement. It's really recommended that you have your son with you so he could fit the garments. He should also have enough time to test the garments with the movements he'd be doing in his performance.

Check out costume stores. If your son is going to play the role of, say, a pirate or a prince, try checking out local costume stores. If the outfit is comfortable enough, he could probably use it for his ballet outfit (if he wears it with leotards and ballet shoes).  Be sure to inquire first with his dance instructor about this.

Check online. If you're fairly familiar already with your son's required measurements, you could consider shopping online. Some of the sites you could visit include, and Make sure that you check out their provided sizing chart. 

There you have it! These are just five of the top tips you need to know when buying ballet costumes for boys. Just remember that it pays to be very choosy when picking the right ballet costume, so you could do your part as a mom to ensure that your boy gives his best performance onstage. Good luck! 


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