How To Buy Boy Shorts

One of the biggest fashion faux pas is having one's panty lines visible through pants or a skirt. To avoid this, women typically wear thongs or seamless underwear. Yet another solution is to wear boy shorts, a cuter name for hipsters or undershorts. If you yourself want to try wearing boy shorts, here are some tips and guidelines for choosing the best pair for you:

Know the proper size for you. One of the secrets to wearing your wardrobe confidently is starting out with great-fitting underwear. It's like having a juicy secret that nobody else knows but you. This goes true for boy shorts. It should be comfortable around the waist, and should cover your bottom adequately and be comfortable also around the upper part of your thighs. Some boy shorts have a tendency to ride, producing an uncomfortable wedgie; look out for this too!  Also, if you tend to wear low-rider pants, you should look for boy shorts that are worn a little lower than the waist. To experiment: bend over and see if your underwear peeks from underneath your pants.  

Choose a good fabric. Some of the most popular choices for boy shorts include cotton, Lycra and satin. If you usually wear tight-fitting bottoms, make sure that your boy shorts are made of material that hugs your curves (but not too tight). Check also to see if the seams are too thick; too-thick seams will be visible through clothes. There are boy shorts available that are made with seamless technology; you might want to check this out for yourself.

Select a pair with minimum embellishments and trimmings. Yes, boy shorts with lacy seams and ribbons may look cute, but they will only produce an irregular bulky look to your outfit. Stick to a smooth, silky style for an even finish. 

Take some time to get used to it. If you're only starting to wear boy shorts, you may want to take some time to get used to wearing it. At first, it may seem a little heavier or even cumbersome than regular panties or thongs. However, with time and with the right cut and fabric, you'd be able to enjoy the full coverage and support it brings. Start wearing it during a weekend, and not during your big business meeting, for example.

Know which stores to buy from. It may seem to be a good idea to buy cheap underwear, but then again, investing in a reputable brand is worth it, specially if you know how to properly maintain and care for your underwear to make it last a long time. You can purchase good brands of boy shorts at websites such as; another reputable brand is Victoria's Secret, which you can purchase at

There you have it! These are just some tips and pointers to help you when selecting boy shorts. Just remember that the importance of underwear is something that is often underestimated, so take the time to look for one that would really provide the best fit for you. Good luck! 


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