How To Buy Clip-on Earrings

Some women like to wear different earrings that suit different occasions but do not want to have their ears pierced. Most ear fashion jewelry come in several styles and types to suit every need. Clip-on earrings have been around for several years. These ear ornaments allow a woman to wear different styles of earrings in different sizes without suffering the pain of having the ear piercing bear the weight of large and heavy earrings. Take a look at some tips below on how to buy clip-on earrings.

  • Look for the clasp of the earrings. The quality of the clamp matters. Try them on before you buy the clip-on earrings. Some clamps are too tight that they will make your ear lobes painful or numb after several hours. The material the clamps are made of should also be considered. Make sure that they are made from high grade metals that are hypoallergenic.
  • Be sure to wear the pair to check the fit and hold of the clamps on your ear lobes. Some clamps may have a loose fit while others may be too tight. If you have already selected the design, ask the sales person to see several pairs of the same design and choose those that fit and feel right. Since they are of the same design, you can ask the sales person to exchange one of the earrings for one that will fit better. See if the clamps on the clip-on earrings can be adjusted.
  • Since earrings come in different styles and size, look at the styles of different makers to ensure the quality of the clip-on earrings you will buy. Some clip-on earrings come with screw-on clasps which are better than the direct clip-on ones. Try the earrings for their weight and feel. Large and dangling ones will have more weight than those with simpler designs and the weight will be felt the longer you wear the earrings. If you are going to buy larger and longer clip-on earrings make sure that you choose one that will feel comfortable. Move your head from side to side when you try them and leave it on for a few minutes while you choose other designs to make sure that the one you have chosen are the right ones. Do not hurry when buying clip-on earrings.
  • If you are aiming for a retro look you may find some in antique shops that are a haven for collectibles. Always check the condition of the clamps and the way the gems and other stones are attached to the clamp base. Look for signs of rusting. As the store owner if the clip-on earrings can be cleaned at home or if you have to take them to a professional cleaner. Maybe the store will be able to clean the item for you for free or for a small additional fee. Sanitize the clip-on earring that you buy from the antique shops before you wear them.
  • Some clip-on earrings use magnetic back clasps that keep the earrings in place on your ear lobes. Make sure that they magnets are strong enough to prevent the earrings from falling off.

Clip-on earrings are not only for those whose ears are not pierced. Those with pierced ears can also wear them. With the latest designs and fashion trends, clip-on earrings are more economical to buy and the clasps and clamps allow the user to wear larger-sized and heavier earrings without fear of damaging the ear lobes.


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