How To Buy Clothes for Hard-to-Fit Tween Girls

Tween girls are usually difficult to deal with when it comes to fashion and clothing. Not only are they in a stage where their choice preferences are largely affected by peer pressure, but they are also in a particular phase where the need to express their sense of individuality emerges. In this stage, a lot of psychological, social, and physical changes occur that a mere selection of clothing can be a huge ordeal. If you are buying clothes for your hard-to-fit tween girl, consider the following tips.

  1. Determine your budget. Prior to shopping, it is important to set a budget and let your daughter know how much you can afford to spend. Oftentimes hard-to-fit tween girls also find it hard to understand that fashion’s corresponding price is not always within the budget. Before going to the store, establish a budget and make her understand that you will not compromise the agreed amount for shopping. Together with your child, identify the clothing items you need to purchase and specify an approximate amount for each. By doing so will help your child make good financial and shopping decisions.
  2. Discuss where you are going to shop for clothes. Instead of heading directly to shopping malls, check the Internet for stores currently on sale or giving discounts. The Internet can help you find the best deals and also locate stores providing sizes ideal for hard-to-fit tween girls. Determining where you are shopping will save you both time and money.
  3. Define fashion limits. Tweens are very discriminating about their clothes. They can be very choosy and resolute about their sense of style. While it is right to allow your daughter the freedom to express her individuality and fashion taste, let her understand when her choice of clothes does not get your approval due to very revealing or mature style of outfit. When you say no, make sure you have compelling reasons that you can firmly explain to your daughter. Make her feel that you respect her individuality but you have to set limits for the right reasons and for her own good.
  4. Go to plus size in the children’s department or to the petite’s department. There may not be a huge variety but these sections are definitely the ideal places to start. The clothes in these departments are more often than not appropriate for girls who are in-between sizes.
  5. Let your child try on a number of pieces. Send your daughter to the dressing room with a collection of clothing chosen off the rack. The clothes must be a selection of skirts, jeans, blouses, and dresses. See if each item fits and looks attractive or appropriate for her body, age, and personality.

When buying clothes for your hard-to-fit tween girl, always keep your daughter involved in the process. Tweens are dealing with a lot of peer pressure that it is big deal for them to choose the kind or style of clothing they think would make them fit into the crowd. Help your child find her individuality by teaching her how to make good clothing choices and financial decisions. 


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