How To Buy Cowboy Boots

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Imagine exploring Texas, riding your horse during a hot summer day while hearing country music in the background. Are you dreaming of becoming Indiana Jones? You can be like Indiana Jones if you have the complete cowboy attire--a cowboy hat and a pair of cowboy boots. Fortunately, cowboy hats are accessible in almost all boutiques. You can even easily download songs like country music or other cowboy songs in another genre.

But what’s really challenging is getting your pair of cowboy boots. That is, of course, apart from getting a horse. Aside from the fact that only few stores offer these boots, it is also very rare that you’ll find the perfect fit. Cowboy boots have always been custom-made since boot companies started operating in the 19th century. Worse, you can’t find a standard sizing of boots because every cowboy boot maker considers this a trade secret. That is why hunting for the best pair of cowboy boots is a real challenge.

To make this challenge a little easier, you may follow these guides when buying a pair of cowboy boots:

  1. Most cowboy boots are made out of animal skin like boa, sheep, ostrich, and stingray. But if you’re buying your first boots, it’s better to choose one made out of stingray. Though other skins are better-looking, stingrays can last up to 20 years. However, stingrays have hard skin, which means you need it to comfortably suit your feet. Other animal skins can adjust to your foot size, but that will cause slippage in the boots.
  2. Focus on how the lower part of the cowboy boots looks. Wearing a tough pair of cowboy boots is really appealing. But that great appeal may not last for long if the lower part is a turn-off. You must consider that the lower part is the most important aspect and should be the most appealing, because this will be the most obvious part. If the upper part is ugly, you can just cover it with your pants and never worry about that anymore.
  3. Consider buying custom-made cowboy boots. As mentioned, cowboy boots are created for a specific size of feet. The easiest way to get your wanted design and fit of cowboy boot is by having it custom-made. Don’t worry about that, since many boot makers are there to create the cowboy boot you want. Even cowboy boot makers that started in the early 20th century have their online stores now. Some of the great stores for custom-made cowboy boots are Little’s Boots, Caboots, Bootbay and William Shanor Bootmaker. You may also try Sheplers, William Shanor Bootmaker, and Zappos if you like the Western-style boots. Aside from offering Western boots, you may also find here a great collection of different boot brands.
  4. Buying from offline cowboy specialty stores. The problem with online shopping is that you can’t fit the cowboy boots, which is very critical in the choosing process. If you can, why don’t you visit Texas or another Western state and explore cowboy specialty stores there?

After completing your custom- or not custom-made cowboy suit, why not give in to your cowboy fantasy by getting cowboy decorations, too? Some interesting cowboy decorations you can choose are preserved bear, sheep, or deer heads or a good shotgun.

With that, no one will argue anymore that you are a real cowboy.


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