How To Buy Heely's for Less

Heely’s is one of the most popular brands for skating shoes. Unlike the usual skates that have a full set of wheels on the bottom of the shoes, the Heely’s look and feel like actual shoes, but have a one or two wheels embedded on the shoe, usually in the heel area. This allows users to both walk and skate. By focusing the weight of the body on the heels, you can elevate your toes and skate away. Here’s how you can purchase Heely’s for less. At Skates, you can purchase discounted Heely’s shoes. During the liquidation sale, all of the Heely’s shoes are offered on discount, which will allow you to save hard earned dollars for each shoe that you purchase. The Skates website also provides delivery for all of the shoes that you purchase, and will donate five dollars from each sale to victims of natural disasters in the country. In 2005, the Skates shops were one of the companies that contributed to the fund for victims of Hurricane Katrina. For an extensive line of Heely’s shoes, check out which offers Heely’s in various models to suit each user’s taste. Whether for a son or daughter, or for yourself, there is a Heely’s shoe available at Checkout the sneaker styled Heely’s which comes in classic black colors with white laces, or the Heely’s Dragon for Girls, which looks like a rugby shoe complete with rubber spokes – but with the trademark Heely’s wheels. For school children in uniforms, there is also the Heely’s Torch, which is made from black leather and is perfect for school plaited school girl uniforms.  Small children, on the other hand, can use the Ragg Cami shoes. Prices range from $30-$60.

Sneakerland. When you purchase a Heely’s for your child, you will want not only the shoes but also the protective gear including helmets, kneepads, and elbow pads. For a one stop shop for all of your Heely’s needs, check out Sneakerland, which offers competitive prices for bags, shoes, wheel replacements, wheel plugs, and helmets from Heely’s. The company can give up to ten dollar discounts for selected items. The Heely’s shoes from Sneakerland also come in a variety of shapes, colors and styles for both girls and boys.

Zappos. If the local malls and shoe centers do not have the sizes and designs for Heely’s that you need, you can check out Zappos which offers plenty of Heely’s styles for your to choose from. The Zappos shop has shoes for men and women, and the styles come in skate casual and skate performance styles – depending on whether you are planning on using the Heely’s for usual heeling transportation, or for hard core tricks. The site also sells ‘Fats’ or wheel replacement wheels for kids who want full control while using their Heely’s.

With a Heely’s shoe, all you need is to lace up before going out to school or play in style. Though Heely’s are difficult to find as more and more people are snapping them up off the shelves, and while the price tag at the local shoe shop can be overwhelming, discounted Heely’s are available online.


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