How To Buy Indian Nose Studs

Indian nose studs carry many beliefs behind them for Indian women. It is believed that if an Indian woman wears her nose stud on the right side of her nose it will make childbirth easier for her. Wearing the nose stud is also believed to make an Indian woman more appealing to her future husband. Nose studs are no longer only limited to India, as many women across the globe have now taken to wearing Indian nose studs.

Before purchasing your nose stud, decide if you want a Indian nose stud that is flat or one that is round. Also decide whether you want your nose stud to be gold or diamond.

You're also going to have to decide whether you want to have a straight nose stud that is designed with a screw-on ball. These will not fall out and are preferred by many because they are said to be the most comfortable to wear.  Another choice you will have make is whether to have an L-shaped nose pin that has a right-angled tail to hold the jewelry in. You can also decide to use nose screws, which are believed to be the most reliable way to keep your nose stud in place; these have twisted ends and most likely will be extremely difficult to insert until you get used to them.

After you've decided what type of nose stud you would be interesting in buying, it's time to shop. The prices on Indian nose studs can vary from just a few dollars to ones that are extermely expensive, especially if you're looking for studs made of real gold or real diamonds.

To look for Indian nose studs you can search online for nose studs from India; a simple Google search will help you with this. There are many stores you can find which specialize in all sorts of Indian jewelry.

eBay is a place that you shouldn't think twice about checking out. You are sure to find Indian nose studs there and can probably get a great price if you do your shopping right.

You can also search for jewelry stores in your local area that specialize in jewelry from India. You are guaranteed to find the nose stud that you like there, and may even find other great Indian jewelry you like.


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