How To Buy Lingerie at Wholesale Prices

Are you planning to buy lingerie at wholesale prices?  Here are some pointers on how you can get the best deal possible. Read on:

  • Become a legitimate buyer. Check out the specific state law that covers this. If you wish to become a wholesaler, you either need to apply for a local business license or get a reseller identification card. Reputable wholesalers only deal with licensed buyers.
  • Decide on the particular lingerie type that you wish to buy. Do you want to target some designer items?  List them down. You don’t want to miss anything when you begin your search for a manufacturer or a wholesaler. The list can basically allow you to focus.
  • Survey the current lingerie market. Know about the retail prices, particularly for the items that you are eyeing to resell. Once you know the retail prices, you get to estimate your limit when you negotiate for your wholesale purchase. Calculate how much solid profit you can make when you resell your lingerie items.
  • Get in touch with leading lingerie wholesalers. You need to deal with them directly if you want to seek the best deal. You have to eliminate the middle men. Middle men are usually individuals or companies who order directly from lingerie manufacturers. They contact you and tell you about the special offer – “wholesale” prices. Obviously, since they are the middle men, they have already turned around the original low prices to their advantage.
  • If you wish to start your list of possible lingerie wholesalers to contact, you can simply go online and search engine for “lingerie manufacturers” or “lingerie wholesalers”. In seconds, you already have your target list. Choose the specific brands or companies that you intend to start business with.
  • Inquire about the minimum requirements. Although some manufacturers and wholesalers don’t set the minimum order, most of them demand a minimum quantity for your initial order. So, anticipate that. Usually, you need to set aside $200 for your first order. This amount is pegged so you can readily have a lot of options for your initial transaction.
  • Think about how to handle your inventory. If you can’t afford to keep an inventory now, you should look for a manufacturer or a wholesaler who has drop-ship services. Since you don’t have the space for the lingerie, the manufacturer or the wholesaler can directly deliver or ship specific orders from your customers.
  • If you have a space to store your inventory, either at home or in the office, instruct the manufacturer or wholesaler to ship your order there. The waiting period for a delivery is usually up to two months. Don’t forget to include the shipping expenses into your pricing plan. Since lingerie is generally lightweight, it can be conveniently sent through air express.

You may assume that buying lingerie wholesale can save you a lot of money compared with getting it retail. Note, however, that it is not a hard and fast rule. Sometimes, the wholesale price only applies on one item. So, strategize on how you can resell your lingerie items. See if it is practical for you to carry just a few types, brands, or labels, or if it is better to offer a wide array of exciting pieces.


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