How To Buy Lingerie by Body Type

Girl shopping for brassiere

What’s the point of wearing lingerie that doesn’t make you look or feel sexy? So, if you are planning to buy lingerie, make sure you know how to choose the perfect piece. It’s not very easy to choose the perfect lingerie. One wrong choice might make you look oddly shaped, instead of looking sexy. Better buy lingerie based on your body type.

Lingerie for Slim Women

Booty shorts or boy shorts can accentuate the butt. They add more sexy curves for a slim body. Best of all, boy shorts can be worn on their own. Wearing it with other accessories is also a good idea. Corset, garter, or bra will look great with boy shorts.

Lingerie for Round Shape

Having a bigger or rounder body is never a hindrance to wearing sexy lingerie. It only needs wise choosing—and that means choosing a little but sexy negligee or a babydoll teddy. The negligee will be perfect for hiding a lot of imperfections. Babydoll teddy will hide your big butt and tummy while showing off the greatest asset—the breast. Choose dark colors also because they are slimming. Stay away from white and other light colors. See-through is a big no-no for round and big girls.

Lingerie for Big Busts

Show off your big busts by choosing a corset that supports the breast. This will make your best assets very noticeable. A corset helps bring out a very sexy cleavage while enhancing your curves. This lingerie can flatten your stomach, too. Any color or fabric is fine as long as the corset you will choose has a good workmanship. You don’t want to ruin a perfect night just because of a poor workmanship.

Lingerie for Tall-Slim Women

You have the perfect curve if you belong to this body type. However, your long legs can be very overwhelming. Cut the illusion of very long legs with garter belts. This will draw the attention from your legs and to your nice curves. Any lingerie with a lovely line like a belt, ribbon, or garter that runs across your belly will be perfect, too.

Lingerie for Short Women

Any lingerie will be perfect for a short woman as long as it will give a longer illusion for your height. Choose negligees or gowns with side slits. Vertical lines on the lingerie will make you look taller, too. 

More Lingerie Buying Tips

Besides the guides above, below are more tips when choosing and buying the perfect lingerie:

  • Imperfect curves can be easily hidden with loose and free-flowing lingerie. If you don’t have the perfect body, then never choose lingerie that will touch your ugly curves.
  • The perfect lingerie should enhance your best asset while hiding your imperfect parts.
  • Dark colors will be good if you want to look slimmer while lighter colors make your nice bulges more noticeable.
  • Silk, satin, and lace are more comfortable to wear than other materials. These are not so wild, too. But if you want to go wild, then choose the daring PVC or leather.

The perfect lingerie is not enough to make you look and feel sexy. You should wear it with confidence. Believe that you are sexy with or without that lingerie. And when you are already wearing the perfect lingerie, you will surely look hotter.


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