How To Buy Lingerie for Your Girlfriend or Wife

Choosing the perfect lingerie is never easy, even for women. So, expect that this will be more difficult on your part. Add to the confusion the many variations of lingerie. This comes in different colors, materials, and styles. You might end up very frustrated if you can’t buy the perfect lingerie for your woman.

Don’t give up just yet, though. The thought of giving your woman something intimate like lingerie is already a courageous move. Follow the tips below and you won’t go wrong when buying lingerie for your girlfriend or wife:

  • Know her size.This is the most important thing you need to do when buying lingerie. You don’t want to end up buying bigger lingerie. She might think that she looks bigger to you. Buying smaller lingerie might flatter her but that might also mean that you want her to lose some weight. So, play on the safe side and get her measurement. Her underwear will give you a hint of her perfect measurement. If you can’t get the measurement without her knowing it, then just ask your girl.
  • Spy on the style. What lingerie style would your woman probably like? Her set of underwear will give you clues. Her choice of underwear will most likely be her choice for lingerie. For instance, if she likes wearing half-cup bras, then lingerie with that style will be better. If she has more underwear made out of laces, then she’ll love lingerie with laces, too. If she doesn’t wear thongs, then she might not be comfortable with lingerie having a thong-like panty.
  • Buy something she likes. Not something YOU like. Often, men will buy lingerie for their woman to satisfy their desires. Remember, it should be for her, not for you. So, when choosing lingerie, make sure that she will like it. If she’ll like it, she will be confident wearing it. And being confident will make her sexier.
  • Be prepared to spend more. A better-quality lingerie is much more expensive than the usual brands. So, be prepared to spend more than your budget. You always want to get the best quality lingerie than the cheapest one. It won’t be always that you’ll give a special gift for your girlfriend or wife, anyway.
  • Get help. It won’t hurt if you ask a salesperson to help you with the choosing. It’s their job, anyway. Girl friends can be helpful with this, too. But if you are still so confused, then seek help from your girlfriend or wife. It won’t be a surprise anymore but at least, you know that the lingerie you will buy will be pleasing to her.
  • Feed her fantasy. Let her talk about the perfect lingerie she dreams on wearing. If she dreams of a wild intimate moment, then leather, black, and revealing lingerie will be perfect. If she dreams of a heavenly moment, then pure white, laces, and soft design for the lingerie is the best.

These tips, when followed, will help you choose the perfect lingerie for your girlfriend or wife. Present your gift in a good package, too. You don’t just hand the lingerie to her. Remember, you did a lot of things just to make sure she will like your gift. Do not ruin it just because of an ugly packaging.

Do not expect a lot, too, because there is still a chance that she will not like the lingerie. But at least, she will appreciate the effort you did to give her the perfect piece of intimate apparel.


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