How To Buy Men's Fashionable Suspenders

Suspenders are essentially functional.  They are not just meant to prevent your slacks from gliding down.  More than that, they are relied on to hold your pants in place.  How’s that?  If you are wearing a tuxedo, your suspenders can keep your pants in its exact position when it touches your shoes.  Bear in mind that fashion has some conventions that need to be strictly observed.

Lately, suspenders have become one of the top favorites in terms of making strong personal style.  From being functional, they are now regarded as hot fashion accessories.  Here are some tips on how you can buy men’s fashionable suspenders:  

  • Attachments.  Appending suspenders to your pants can be done in many ways.  You just need to find what is suitable to your personal style.  Your options include hooks, clips, buttons, and snaps.
    • If you prefer a button-pinning suspender, put the corresponding buttons on your slacks’ waistband.  If you are not comfortable using the ordinary buttons, the metal rivet-styled ones are certainly good alternatives.  You can just clamp them through your waistband’s fabric.  Meanwhile, if you like hooks, simply connect them into your belt.  Of course, snaps go straight into your belt loops while clips are fastened into your waistband 
  • Sizes.  Factor in your waist size and your height when you are finding the right suspender size for yourself.  If you wish to estimate the strap length that you need, start measuring from your front waistband.  Then, go over your shoulder until you reach your back waistband.  Be cautious when you are told that the suspender you are eyeing fits all.  More often than not, that suspender may not guarantee a more relaxed fit. 
  • Straps.  Straps can be narrow or wide.  Go for narrower straps if you intend to be more highly fashionable.  Wider straps are usually matched with more conservative stylings.
  • Styles.  Suspenders can be worn in special and specific occasions.  You can wear them in your corporate events and formal engagements.  You can also wear them in casual meetings and sports activities.  In short, suspenders are very versatile and functional.  In terms of strap styles, you can choose between an “X” and a “Y”.  The styles simply pertain to the formation when you put together the shoulder straps in your back.
  • Materials.  Suspenders come in wide array of exciting materials.  Strong synthetic or leather materials are used for work suspenders.  On the other hand, eye-pleasing fabric or satin materials best complement formal suspenders.
  • Colors.  Formal suspenders are usually available in solid tones.  The designs are plain and simple.  They usually match the shade of your suit or pants.  Meanwhile, fashionable suspenders come in different color palettes.  The designs are patterned, sequined, and elaborate.  They generally and tastefully go in contrast with your outfit.  Note, however, that pink suspenders are gaining popularity.  They are worn in support for the awareness campaign in combating breast cancer.

So, get set and hit the stores soon.  Find the perfect suspenders for your outfits.  Make your wardrobe more fancy and interesting.


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