How To Buy Quality Clothing for Less

Shopping for clothes

Many people enjoy the world of designer brands, despite the fact that some don't have the amount of money needed to purchase them. If one knows the right places to check, however, achieving the dream of buying quality clothing for dirt cheap is highly possible, even when it seems hopeless.

One of the most important things is to do comparison shopping. Either online or offline, search for a certain brand you are interested in, such as a pair of shoes, and compare how much they cost at certain places. Is the difference significant and worth the extra effort? Also ask yourself if the store frequently has sales. If it does and you're willing to take the risk, wait and see if any price deductions are made on the item in question.

Check with friends, a phone book or online for information on any local thrift stores. Be aware of any and all sale days and customer appreciation days. Some stores get new inventory several times a week, so be sure to check back often. Do not be put off by the belief that thrift store clothes are in bad condition, as the usual range starts at very good to mint with the tags still attached. In this way you could easily save at least half off the retail price of any designer clothes you find.

Scour your local paper classifieds for yard sale and garage sale listings in your search for brand name clothes for less. Warmer weather tends to be the best time to find them, but there may be an odd one out, so check throughout the year. Don't be afraid to negotiate the price; the sellers are anxious to get rid of their items, and with some pushing they'll let their clothes go for less than the original asking price.

The next time you're out shopping, ask to sign up for your favorite store's mailing list. You'll get your quality clothes for cheaper by receiving periodic emails with heads up for sales, exclusive coupons and discount codes.

Online auction sites are another valuable place to explore. Many sellers start the opening bid for their listings very low, so as to stay competitive and relevant. So long as self restraint is used when bidding, there should not be any problems. Remember to take into account the cost of shipping when looking at the overall price, lest the advantage of this method be for nothing.

One final thing to keep in mind is that it's better to have a few high quality items rather than many cheap items. In other words, though they might be expensive, they last a much longer time. And in the long run, you'll appease your wallet the most that way.


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