How To Buy Ring Mounts

Ring mounts are rings that have prongs to hold a gemstone. If you are buying a ring mount, you should know that it does not have a stone in the middle. Rather, it has an empty slot where you can place a gemstone. They are ideal if you already have a gemstone to put in a ring.

Here are some tips that will serve as your reminders when buying ring mounts:

  • Know the material that you want your ring mount to be made of. Ring mounts are made of various types of metal just like ready-made rings. They can be made of silver, gold, platinum, copper and just about every material malleable enough to be shaped into a ring. Some ring mounts are silver or gold plated. This means they are not valuable metals but they give off a color that is the same as the color of genuine silver or gold. Keep in mind that synthetic metals tarnish when they get in contact with moisture and oxygen. If you choose synthetic metals, you might have to buy a new ring mount in a year or two.
  • The ring mount should match the stone. If you have a 14-carat diamond, a silver plated ring mount might not be the best option. Silver-plated jewelry will tarnish over time. Choose a ring mount that is of slightly less or equal value as the stone you will set on it. There are various ring mounts available, so your options are not limited.
  • Choose a ring mount that allows the maximum number of prongs without covering the stone. The more claws a prong has, the better it will latch on to the stone that will be set on it. The ring mount should not outshine the stone, however, and three claws for the prong might be enough for a small stone. A big, expensive stone should have more than that to make sure it does not detach from the ring mount.
  • Know where you will buy your ring mount. Various online shops sell ring mounts of different styles, sizes and number of prong claws. A nearby jeweler might also sell ring mounts at affordable prices and include the service of setting the stone in. Ring mounts are pieces of jewelry found in some jewelry stores. Look around and compare prices to get the best deal for a ring mount.
  • If you are setting the stone set through someone else's help, guard your ring mount and gemstone closely. There are shops that swap the stones with synthetic copies. It is best to guard your stone and ring mount closely if you are not setting the stone yourself. This will assure you that the same stone and the same ring mount returns to you when the stone is set in the ring mount.

Plenty of shops offer competitive pricing and an additional service for ring mounts. You can even get a custom-made ring mount if you want it to be special. Keep in mind that the ring mount should be beautiful and fitting of the stone you will set on it, but the ring mount should not outshine the stone. Ring mounts compliment the stone and its wearer.


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