How To Buy Rubies

Rubies are beautiful, red gems that rank as one of the most precious gemstones in the market. They are bright red in color and very sparkly. Rubies are very expensive. Buying rubies is a tricky task, since there are a lot of conmen and scammers that sell fake rubies everywhere. It is very easy to dye any sparkly stone and sell it as a ruby. You will need to have a good eye to buy rubies that are worth the money.

Here are a few characteristics that real rubies have that you should watch out for if you are looking for genuine ones:

  • The right shade of red. Genuine, expensive rubies are very bright red in color. There are rubies that come in lighter or darker shades of red. They can be either dark red like wine or fresh roses or light and bright pink like petunias. Rubies that are wine red or bright pink cost less than bright blood red ones. Fresh blood red or "pigeon blood red" is the ideal color for rubies. Pigeon blood red rubies have the highest value in the market.
  • Remarkable cut. It is very rare to find rubies with very fine cuts. Well-cut rubies have angles that allow them to bounce light back to your line of vision. Rubies with almost-perfect cuts will not allow you to see too well through the gems. Poorly cut rubies, called "fish eye" rubies, are transparent and does not have the sparkle that finely cut rubies have.
  • Fine rubies are not wide. The ruby's cut preferably makes it tall. Wide rubies are not well-cut rubies. If the rubies are more wide than they are tall, they are of bad quality and do not cost as much. This might mean that the rubies are small because of how well cut they are, however, and will affect the price of the rubies.
  • The best rubies are clear. When looking at fine quality rubies, it is a lot like you can see inside them. The clarity of the rubies greatly affects their value. You might be able to tell that they are very clear if you can see the inside of the rubies acting like mirrors that bounce light back to you. Rubies of good quality do not have wispy white lines streaming across them. The white streaks or lines found in rubies of lesser quality are minerals that got mixed into the gems, called rutiles.
  • Expensive rubies are heavy. Carat is the unit of measurement used for gemstones. The number of carats a gemstone has signifies how heavy it is. Rubies with higher carats will cost a great deal more than rubies with lesser carats. For instance, 5-carat rubies might cost as much as $30,000 depending on its cut. While rubies that only weigh 1 carat will cost more or less $1,000.

There are only a few places in the world where you can get exquisite quality rubies. The rarity of these gems, their quality and appearance contribute to their high price. They are very beautiful and add glamour to anyone wearing them. The tips above should help you gauge the quality of the rubies you are buying.


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