How To Buy Sexy Men's Swimsuits

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Sexy Men's Swimsuits
When it's time to buy men's swimsuits, it comes down to the kind of guy who will wear it. A man can look sexy in a boxer-style swimsuit if he has the body to carry it off. Even if he doesn't, there are swimsuit styles for men that conceal a pair of budding "love handles" or too slight frame. The first thing to remember is that men's swimsuits are all about the geometry of the body in proportion to the man's personal image. Balancing the two needn't be complex. Men want to look their best in swimsuits that buoy their self-confidence in their appearance. They know the image they want to project. Yet, comfort is also a priority.

Build A Swimsuit Wardrobe
Men choose their swimsuits based on eye-appeal and their own inner sense of self-perception. For beachwear for an exotic island vacation, a man may choose something slightly more colorful than usual. Perhaps, it's the bright island sunlight or glistening blue sea that alters a man's tastes in swimsuits. He may choose a modified sexy bikini style to emphasize his newly tanned body. The really daring guy might even take a more serious plunge and choose a bright red speedo. Of course, it helps to have his special lady choose this style for him. The message he'll get will be unmistakable.

Buying Men's Swimsuits
Once you have an idea of a man's preferences in swimsuits, choosing from among several comfortable fabrics is the next consideration. The fabrics should be fade-proof so that pool chemicals don't spoil the color after a handful of swim events. He'll need more than one swimsuit in his swim wardrobe. Why not select them for different locales? Bright colors for tropical scenarios are great and darker colors for the more sedate beaches are also convenient. No matter what the style or color, it has to look and feel good as well as enhance his sexy image. Very often, the fabric itself hints at sex appeal. Something clingy in just the right places makes all of his gym workouts worthwhile. Imagine the admiring glances he'll get as he takes that first plunge. The athletic guy with the gorgeous physique can look just as sexy in swim trunks as he does in a swim brief. Part of the final choice depends on personal preferences - his and yours.

Sexy Looks For the Long-legged Guys
Guys with long limbs need a tad more fabric in a sexy swimsuit just as guys with shorter, thicker legs benefit from a swimsuit with a boy-leg style. This doesn't necessarily mean the swimsuit needs to be less revealing of the body frame. It means fabric should be part of the overall strategy that projects a sexy image a man wants.


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