How To Buy Shoes for Your Child

At the rate children’s feet grow, the entire process of buying and choosing shoes for them can be quite the ordeal, not to mention expensive. But do not fear, there is hope. Though a child's feet can grow an inch every three months, even wear and tear from constant play can take its toll. By expecting these never-ending growth spurts you can be prepared, for example finding a sale which might offer a buy one pair get one free deal, the second pair being a size larger. Having your child's feet measured regularly, you will know when to expect these changes and will be better able to stay on top of it.
When it is time for your child's first pair of shoes a good suggestion would be to find a shoe store that specializes in children’s shoes with high quality brands that can withstand all the walking and playing, and of course reasonably priced, and stick with this store. Of course every child has a "favorite pair" so returning to the same shop can benefit both of you. Most toddlers have wide feet and may need to be measured before you purchase them, and though buying a larger size for older children is a good idea for toddlers that the shoes fit to prevent the child from tripping and falling. for toddlers, take advantage of Velcro so the child can learn to put their own shoes on.

For older children picking shoes can be fun but you might want to be prepared to have a lot of patience due to the fact that the child will first choose every pair but the right ones, just take your time and find something you both can be happy with. Buying shoes a size larger for older children can be a wise investment, though many brands vary in fit even within the same brands it is a good idea to have your child try on both shoes and walk, so you can get a look at the fit or if the heel may be coming out of the shoe also the child can get a feel for them, some may be more comfortable than others. Also another good investment would be to have a pair of high quality sneakers for play and have a separate pair for school or going out.
When buying a child’s shoes that are going to used for limited wear, such as dress shoes for a party or special occasion a good suggestion might be to go to the discount shoe stores. If your child requires a special fit such a wide or narrow sizes many of these stores may not carry them. Another option may be to visit a local thrift store where you may find what you need and also save some money.


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