How To Buy Vintage Leather Jackets

As the temperature drops and as the weather changes, a change in wardrobe is also in order. One of the most popular pieces of clothing for fall is of course, the vintage leather jacket. You can wear these and be sure to stay warm by staying upbeat with the current fashion. Coming in many forms and styles, there are a lot of places where you can buy them. Here are a few places which you can buy from.

  1. Blue Moon Leathers. This site has a complete list of the different types of leather, from men's coats to women's coats and other items with vintage leather. They feature items for both men and women. They have military-style jackets, diamond mesh biker jackets, and Nappa and leather bomber jackets for the women. For the men, they have antiqued leather jackets, bomber jackets, blazer style Nubuk leather, and Nappa leather jackets.
  2. Ralph Lauren. This site has a wide variety of leather outfits for both men and women, with some additional information like the jacket's description aside from what is shown in the picture. Since it is a Ralph Lauren product, prices are a bit high, but if you find the one that you like, then countercheck it with other places that have the same make.
  3. Posh Vintage. Posh Vintage has a lot of leather products for women, with exact measurements of the size of the product. They have different designs in different shades of black and brown for stylish trench coats. They also sell some other leather products that you can match up with your jacket or other pieces of clothing like gloves or purses.
  4. Trashy Flowers. Also UK-based, they sell second hand vintage leather jackets and other items for wholesale and retail. They give discounts for bulk orders in case you plan on selling vintage leather jackets. They have no minimum number of items to sell before you can buy, so look around as much as you want with the guarantee that you won't be required to buy in bulk.
  5. Next Tag. This site offers comparison of prices through the different online markets available. Just type in the type of jacket that you would want and you will get the different price listings from different sites. This comes very handy after looking through the different sites mentioned above. The link supplied has a sample of a type of jacket with compared prices from Amazon.

There are other places you can look into for finding the right leather jacket that suits your tastes. Just remember to always be careful in giving out your personal accounts through the internet to avoid being scammed, or your account being used for something else. Make sure to peruse other sites for comparison, and to see if those sites offer the sizes of the jacket you will be buying. It may appear big in the picture, but may be a size smaller when you get your package. Remember, some of the links are based in UK, so make sure to check your price conversion before buying that final product.


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