How To Buy Women's Clothing on a Low Budget

Buying a complete wardrobe can be quite expensive, especially if you are fond of following the latest fashion styles and trends. When you are on a low budget, however, you might think you cannot wear the best-looking clothes. Contrary to this view, though, you can wear clothes with style even on a low budget. You just need to know how to find the right clothes, and how to stretch each dollar. You can keep up to date on the latest trends, and try to imitate these by using substitutes.

High fashion can be attained even on a budget. Here are ideas that can help you find the right clothing on a tight wallet.

  • Keep in touch with the stores. Establish a good relationship with retail stores by subscribing to their email newsletter, getting a membership card, and the like. They will likely send you information whenever they have new items, and whenever items are being put on sale.
  • Shop off-season. The best time for shopping is usually when stores are doing their off-season sales. For example, winter clothing is cheapest during the summer.  Conversely, summer clothing is cheapest during wintertime.
  • Browse through vintage stores. Vintage is making a comeback with the distressed school of fashion thought. You don’t necessarily have to buy expensive items from the brand-name stores. You can go look for items from the vintage store. Chances are, some of these are brand-name items that have not been even used.
  • Shop at factory outlets. You can get up to 50% discount when you buy straight from factory outlets rather than retail stores. These stores don’t have much overhead, so they can afford low profit margins from each sale.
  • Try swap-meets or bartering clubs. You might be tired of some of your outfits, and you can trade these for outfits that might fit your style better.
  • Trade with friends and family members. Look for friends and relatives that are the same size as you. You can get “new” outfits by trading with each other.
  • Look for garage sales online and through newspapers. You can usually find good clothing here at reasonable prices. Some are even new or rarely used.
  • Search online. People who get tired of their outfits often offer these online at auction or sale. Be sure to look for listings with pictures and with sizes, so you know how it looks like and whether it will fit.
  • Watch runway shows on TV, and try to note down the outfit combinations that they use. You can mix and match using color combinations with off-the-rack clothes bought from discount stores or big stores like Wal-Mart. There are even shows that are dedicated to using cheap, off-the-rack items to simulate the look of more expensive outfits.

Dressing cheaply doesn’t necessarily mean you have to dress shabbily. Go for outfits that cost less, but look great. Chose outfits with good color combinations. You won’t go wrong with styles that compliment your body shape.


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