How To Buy Your Baby's First Pair of Shoes

The first time your baby is able to stand and take his first steps is always an exciting event for any parent.  This is a good sign that your baby is properly developing the basic physical attributes of any human being.  Doctors will agree that a baby learns to walk, stand, and maintain his balance more appropriately if he is barefoot, as he will learn how to use his foot and toe muscles to maintain balance in every stride.  However, it is at this time that buying your baby’s first pair of shoes is critical, since as soon as your baby learns the basics, he will definitely want to do the same thing when you bring him outdoors.

  1. Start with the basics.  Your baby still has very delicate feet, and it is important that the first pair of shoes you get for your baby will be able to protect his feet and not irritate his skin.  Choose a slip-on made of soft leather or canvas with a thin rubber sole.  These types of shoes can be worn without socks and can be worn in almost any type of surface.  The rubber sole is good to prevent the baby from accidental slips.  If you want to go for an advanced pair like a good pair of branded sneakers, make sure to buy some socks as well.
  2. No heels.  Do not, in any way, purchase shoes with heels or an arch.  This is not appropriate for small kids.  Always choose shoes that have very flexible soles.  In fact, the best shoe soles will be those that you can roll up into a ball.  Rubber soles are the best as they provide protection for your baby’s knees as well.  Choose very flexible rubber soles.
  3. No sandals.  With so many companies manufacturing and designing various cute and cool open toe sandals, it is hard to neglect choosing these for your baby’s first pair of shoes.  Although they are fashionable, they are bad shoe options for your baby, as they do not provide any protection for the toes.  The stubbing of your baby’s toes when walking is something you should watch for, as this can cause his feet to hurt or even get damaged.
  4. Measuring the first pair.  The best way to effectively measure your baby’s feet and ensure that the first pair of shoes fits perfectly is to bring your baby along to the store.  Try out every pair.  If you do not want to bring him, the alternative would be to get a piece of paper and a pencil and trace his feet on the paper.  This will give you an exact measurement of your baby’s feet.  Make sure to add an inch to the length to serve as an allowance for your baby’s feet to breathe.  

Choosing and purchasing a baby’s first pair of shoes is always a fun time for any parent.  In fact, shopping for your baby will always prove to be enjoyable.  The first pair of shoes for your loved one is the most important pair for his development.  It is important to put the principle of function over form when shopping for this pair.


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