How To Buy Your Inaugural Ball Gown on a Budget

The inaugural ball is one of the most awaited social events in Washington DC.  This is the time that the newly elected president of the United States is sworn into office.  The event starts with the president taking his oath to serve the country to the best of his ability.  The event is then followed by a grand ball to celebrate this momentous occasion.  Politicians and celebrities are just some of the people invited to attend.  If you are one of the lucky people invited, you will have to really dress up for the occasion.  This is a formal event and one of the most important things to keep in mind is image.  It is crucial to wear a fabulous gown to avoid being included in the “worst-dressed list” that is normally plastered on most fashion magazines.

  1. Choose a design.  The first step in buying a stunning inaugural ball gown is to do some research.  Search the Internet or browse several fashion magazines and look for the ideal gown.  The theme to always keep in mind when choosing a gown design is simple elegance.  Pick several designs and take a copy of your picture to serve as a sample when you start to shop.  Most of the gowns found in fashion magazines are made by popular designers so do take note of the designer that created your ideal gown.
  2. Upscale stores. If you have the budget for it, shopping at upscale and high-end shops will probably suit you best.  These shops contain gowns and dresses designed by the most famous designers.  Bear in mind that these gowns may cost you an arm and a leg.
  3. Thrift and discount shops.  Looking fabulous on a budget is pretty easy nowadays as a lot of celebrities promote the idea of shopping at thrift stores where you can find a lot of gowns that emulate designer labels.  Discount department stores like Marshall’s and Ross’ are great resources to find designer labels that have been significantly discounted.  Make sure to try on each gown to ensure that it fits perfectly.
  4. Rentals.  One of the more popular concepts today is the gown lease or rental.  There are many rental shops that you can find in your area that will offer these services.  You can lease a gown from them for the event and then return it to them after.  This is a very cheap and practical alternative since you probably would not wear the same gown a second time.  Another great benefit with these shops is that they will repair and customize the gown to fit your dimensions.  Some of these shops will carry designer gowns too.
  5. Custom-made.  Another fantastic option you can explore is to have someone sew your gown.  With this option, the ideal gowns you chose during your research can become reality.  All you have to do is show the design to the tailor or dressmaker and he will emulate it for you.  This can be relatively cheaper depending on the tailor you hire.  If you have some social clout, you can probably hire a distinguished designer to make your gown as well.  However, this will probably cost you a fortune.  The upside is that you will have a unique and original designer gown that you can parade during the event.

The inaugural ball is not just a political event; it’s a fashion event as well.  Wearing a gown that will transform you into a celebrity will do wonders for you.  If you are attending, dress the part.  There are a variety of options and it’s pretty easy.


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