How To Buy Youth Soccer Shorts

No matter what activity your child is interested in, any types of shorts are acceptable.  The shorts your child uses for playing basketball can be the same type of shorts he can use while he runs around the house.  If your child is into soccer, which is a sport that requires players to move and run constantly, it may be worth your while to buy him a pair of specialized shorts made specifically for the sport.  Soccer shorts are made with fabrics that allow maximized comfort and optimum movement while providing effective groin and thigh protection.  If your child truly loves the sport, get him the gear he needs to be effective and look like a true soccer player as well.  Don’t let him play the game wearing a pair of baggy cargo shorts.

  1. Choose the material.  Traditional soccer shorts are made of polyester to avoid shrinkage when washed and provide maximum durability.  You can choose whether the polyester is knitted or woven.  Knitted shorts are more comfortable but woven shorts are much more durable.  Some sportswear manufacturers have come out with a cotton line of soccer shorts.  The only drawback with cotton is it can tear easily.  Soccer is a rough sport with a lot of pushing, shoving, and kicking.  Polyester is a better fabric if you want a durable pair of soccer shorts.
  2. Measurement.  To ensure that the soccer shorts fit correctly, measure your child.  It is important that the fit is not too tight and not loose.  The inseam should be properly measured with a 3 to 5 inch allowance from crotch to the bottom of the shorts depending on the size and age of your child.
  3. Fashion is not important.  Most sports promote the baggy style of shorts where the bottom of the shorts is below the knees.  Baggy shorts are usually worn 2 to 3 times larger than a person’s actual measurement.  The reason for this is because it looks good and fashionable.  The problem here is sometimes baggy shorts can deter the optimized movement of a player and may cause unnecessary injury.  Make sure your child wears soccer shorts that are comfortable and safe for him. 
  4. Buy trusted brands and labels.  Nike, Adidas, and Reebok are some of the biggest and oldest manufacturers of sports apparel in the world.  They provide sportswear for all types of sports.  They are trusted because they employ their own respective research and development departments that scientifically study the sport to create the optimum clothing for the sport.  If you want to be sure your child is wearing the best, go for these trusted brands.  These brands and labels can be found at any sports equipment store.  They also have thousands of direct retail stores worldwide.
  5. Consult someone knowledgeable.  Most sportswear and sports equipment retail stores employ sales people that have been trained in the intricacies of every sport available.  To ensure you make the right choice, consult these people.  They know more than you.

A pair of soccer shorts is just one simple component in the total gear of a player.  It does not really seem important.  However, for your child, you will always want the best.  Buy him a great pair of soccer shorts and see him enjoy the sport in relative safety and comfort.


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