How To Buy Youth Soccer Turf and Indoor Shoes

The notion that soccer is only an outdoor sport played on grass is not true anymore.  With so many innovations introduced in various sports such as soccer, there are various fields and grounds to play on.  There are many soccer matches that are played indoors on hardwood floors.  Some matches are played on indoor turf with artificial grass.  Other soccer games are still played outdoors but on artificial or altered surfaces.  In order to purchase an effective pair of shoes suitable for a specific surface, you will need to know what the different surfaces are and what kind of soccer shoes are suitable for the specific surface.  This is vital especially since it will be your child playing on these surfaces.  You want them wearing the best gear and are extra comfortable and safe in them.

  1. Hard ground (grass).  This is the traditional playing surface for soccer.  This surface is used for both outdoor and indoor stadium or park matches.  Soccer shoes with the standard cleats are the most suitable shoes for these surface conditions.   When buying a pair of soccer shoes, choose a pair that with molded cleats.  Metal cleats were used in olden times and are somewhat obsolete and vintage. 
  2. Soft ground (Grass).  Indoor or outdoor fields with soft surfaces using real grass are popular playing conditions as well.  For these types of surfaces, you will need soccer shoes with detachable cleats.  The cleats need to be detachable if the surface warrants it to be detached.  Choose shoes with the 6 cleat standard, as this is the most suitable for this condition.  It will provide just enough traction for proper movement.
  3. Turf.  A lot of soccer matches are played indoors using artificial surfaces to emulate outdoor grass conditions.  Astroturf is one of the most popular artificial surfaces that are used.  Some indoor surfaces are hard.  The most suitable soccer shoes for this environment would be shoes with smaller cleats.  The cleats incorporated in the shoe will alleviate the pressure of the field conditions on the foot while still providing the much needed traction.
  4. Indoor flats.  For indoor soccer events, a pair of flat soccer shoes is ideal for light playing or training.  These pairs do not have cleats and only employs a flat and flexible rubber soles. 
  5. The brands and labels.  When buying a pair of shoes for any occasion, choosing trusted brands and labels is always a good idea.  For soccer shoes, you will never go wrong in purchasing shoes with brands having decades of experience in manufacturing specialized shoes for soccer.  Nike and Adidas are some of the top brands that have studied the sport and have developed numerous shoe styles with various technologies to maximize a player’s comfort, movement, and speed.  Your child deserves the best.  Buy him the best.
  6. Try them on.  When buying soccer shoes, always make sure to have your child try them on and move around with them.  As much as possible, have your child wear shin guards and socks when he tries on the pair.  Make him move around.  This will ensure that your child is happy with the fit and that it does not deter any movement that he needs to compete.

Soccer is a sport where skill and stamina is important.  In addition to these requirements, a good player needs appropriate gear.  If your child is an aspiring “Pele” wannabe, encourage him to practice and play.  One of the best encouragements is getting him the right gear to play and practice.  Start with the shoes.


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