How To Camouflage Figure Flaws in a Bathing Suit

Swimsuits come in a variety of styles. There’s the usual one-piece getup, but even this has variants. You have a wide choice of cuts, necklines, and even colors and patterns. The same goes with two-piece attires. Not everyone has a flattering hourglass figure, and bathing suit designers are well aware of the need to look flattering, no matter the figure type.

Here are a few tips you can use in camouflaging common figure flaws with the right swimsuit.

  • You can use swimsuits that give the illusion of a firmer or smaller tummy, if you have a wide waist. These are made of spandex and lycra, and help tuck your tummy in. Just make sure that the swimsuit is comfortable. If it’s too tight, you won’t be able to move about, and you might even faint.
  • Use bright prints. Bright colors and bright prints can help hide bulging tummies. You can also try using a tankini or a suit with an asymmetrical pattern. These can help bring the eyes away from your figure flaws, and into the brighter areas of the swimsuit.
  • If you have a large bustline, you can use a minimizer swimsuit, which will give the illusion of smaller breasts. Or, you can go for a bathing suit with wide halter straps. You can also pair your swimsuit with a top, to help conceal your chest. Most people wouldn’t have a problem with a large bustline, although there are some who might be conscious about flaunting this body feature.
  • If you have a small bustline, you can go for a swimsuit with a push-up underwire. Some swimsuits even have padding, for extra shape. A ruffled, shirred or embellished top can also be useful in giving the illusion of a bigger bustline.
  • If you have wide hips, you can use solid-colored bottom pieces and a patterned top. This gives the illusion of smaller buttocks. You can also use boy shorts or a skirted suit to help camouflage this area. This is also a good choice if you’re conscious about wearing a skimpy bottom.
  • If your torso is long, you should go for a tankini. Or, you can go for one-piece suits that are specifically meant for long torsoed bodies. Choose a high-cut suit, which can give the illusion of longer legs. Avoid boy shorts, since these will make your legs look shorter.

When buying a swimsuit, choose both comfort and style. If you’re not comfortable with the cut or fit, then you might not have the confidence to flaunt your body’s highlights. For example, a string bikini might look fabulous on some people. But if you feel shy and conscious about it, you might not be comfortable enough wearing it in public, and will defeat the purpose of looking sexy.

Also, go for a swimsuit that will match the activity you will be doing. If you will be working on your tan, then perhaps a string bikini or top will work, so you will have less tan lines. But if you will be going surfing, you should go for something more secure.


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