How To Care for a Trench Coat

A trench coat is not only a fashionable clothing item it also protects you from all types of weather - rain, sleet or snow.  You can wear it during spring, autumn and winter.  Depending on the material, trench coats can be quite an investment.  However, with the proper care, your trench coat can last for many, many seasons.

Trench coats are made from different types of fabrics from lightweight cotton blends to heavy tweed and wool.  They also come in various lengths from mid-calf to mid-thigh.  There are water repellant trench coats that can keep you dry or toasty warm.  You can also find trench coats that are more fashionable than functional. 

Caring for your trench coat is essential if you want it to last for many years.  Here are some care suggestions:

  1. Consider weatherproofing your coat.  Check the label of your trench coat to see if it has been weatherproofed.  Weatherproofing your trench coat will keep rain and snow from drenching the trench coat.  It will also help extend the life of your coat.  Look for a reputable dry cleaner to do the job for you.  Do note that repeated dry cleaning can wear off the original weatherproofing of the material. 
  2. Depending on the material of your trench coat, you can spot clean it to remove dirt or grime.  Check the label for cleaning instructions.  The label will tell you what kind of care your trench coat requires: dry clean, machine wash, iron, no bleach etc.
  3. When having the coat cleaned, make sure that the belt is cleaned with the coat.  Otherwise, if this is done separately, the color of your trench coat and the belt may no longer match after the treatment.  Cleaning or treating certain fabrics causes these fabrics to lighten or fade.  If your trench coat has leather buckles, make sure these are removed prior to cleaning.  Leather can discolor and in some cases, shrink when exposed to some cleaning solutions.
  4. During the season when you are using the coat, hang it on a clothes hanger to keep the shape.  Do not hang in on a hook.  Make sure to air out the lining once in awhile to keep untoward odors from developing.  Some women’s trench coats should not be hung or placed near sources of natural light.  Fading can result when the coat is exposed to these light sources.
  5. Before you store your coat after wearing it for the whole season, have it dry clean.  Never store a dirty coat.  Once it comes back from the dry cleaners, keep it in the same bag.  Make sure the bottom of the bag is secure to prevent molds.  If you can, vacuum seal the bag.  If necessary, place mothballs in the area where you will store the trench coat.  This will keep insects at bay.

A trench coat is a must have not only for people who live in places with four seasons but also for those who experience heavy rainfall.  This is one piece of clothing that is expected to be worn for many, many years.  Your trench coat can last a long time with the proper care and maintenance.  If you look after your trench coat properly, it will keep you dry and warm for years to come.


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