How To Care for Ladies' Leather Gloves

Since the inception of fashion, the way people dress and carry themselves have changed over the years. With the innovation in this industry, individuals have learned to accessorize to make their clothes look more artful, or more apt, in some instances. What you wear is not exactly telling of who you are but of how you want the world to see you. A teenager might wear black leather boots, a leather jacket and black leather gloves with punk hair and stand out as a rebel but that is not who she really is.  

Leather gloves are common and popular. They are even showcased in games like Diablo, Runescape, etc. Be it fingerless gloves, driving gloves, motorcycle leathers with matching black gloves, or women's gloves, each accessory has its purpose. But in order to ensure continued usage of these items, proper care is needed to maintain them. Each type of glove made has a specific set of instructions. Manufacturers offer care tips/services online. Women are especially keen on responding to or gathering information on such topics. This is because a lot of women use leather gloves for household chores, especially gardening.

Here is a generalized set of instructions on how to maintain leather gloves:

  1. If you don't have gloves yet, a good tip when buying gloves is that it would be best if you chose the "perfect" size. Apparel that is either too big or too small can actually help in damaging the item.
  2. First of all, you want to wipe your gloves with a damp cloth. This will mechanically remove any thing clinging to your gloves. You can also use soaps that are especially designed for cleaning leather. Do this periodically to maintain the original leather color and keep away stains.
  3. To maintain the glove's fit, it would be best to use a leather conditioner. Choose a conditioner that offers a good penetration. This will help keep the fit and softness of the gloves. Stretching can occur if the gloves are too small, and snagging if they are too big.
  4. For storage, it would be best if gloves are kept in a cool, dry area. Refrain from keeping them in boxes or covering them up. This promotes bacterial growth that can damage the gloves. Keep your gloves away from moisture, too. If in any case your leather gloves get wet, pat them dry, and have them air dried. Putting them under direct sunlight can also cause cracks in the leather.
  5. If you feel that your gloves are starting to dry, rub them down with gel shaving cream with lanolin. You can do this in regular 2-week cycles. Kelley oil also works well for this problem.
  6. It would also be wise to refrain from having other people use your gloves. This will help maintain your fit. Having other people use it can stretch the leather.
  7. Maintenance is still needed even if you don't use your gloves for an extended period of time. Use a small amount of oil and a dry cloth to wipe your glove. This maintains its luster. And don't forget to keep them in a place where they sit untouched by other hands.

Now, you are armed with the knowledge on how to keep your precious leather gloves in top shape, ready to give you the best support.


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