How To Care for Leather Boots

It is said that caring for leather boots is much the same as caring for your skin: they require regular and special maintenance. If you care for them properly, your leather boots will see many years and will function in good working order. Caring for leather boots, however intricate it may sound, is not difficult. Here’s a general guideline.

  1. Wipe dust and dirt off. It is very important that you wipe the leather boots after use to remove dust and dirt. If not wiped off, dust and dirt can do invisible damages to the leather fibers. They can cut the leather fibers until the fibers lose their strength, resulting in cracked leather finish and eventual retirement of the leather boots. Use a damp cloth to completely clean the leather boots. In place of a cloth, you can also use a soft brush.
  2. Regularly oil the leather boots. The leather’s natural oil is usually stripped away due to excessive use and weather conditions, but regularly applying oil brings back the shiny leather finish. Oil your leather boots right after cleaning them, just when they are still damp, so that the oil can easily penetrate. Put a generous amount of oil on the leather boot surface and rub it all through the sides of the boot; however, be careful not to over-apply as doing so can dry the leather and may invite dust and dirt. Leave the boots overnight to allow the oil to completely break through the leather pores. In the morning, wipe away the excess oil using a paper towel.
  3. Apply polish and protector. A cream-based polish is used to hide scratches and marks and lends a shiny finish. It is best to use a polish that is the same color as the leather boots. Protector, on the other hand, keeps the leather from incurring stains.
  4. Immediately have your leather boots fixed. However conscientious owner you are, your leather boots will inevitably incur wear and tear as the years go by. You may have to deal with worn out soles, disintegrating stitches, and open seams, among other things. In such cases, you need to bring your leather boots to a reliable shoe repairman. But finding one can be quite hard since some repairmen will advise you to buy new boots instead of repairing your old ones. This is why you have to be extra finicky in choosing your shoe repairman. A good repairman knows exactly when the leather boots can be repaired and when they should be replaced. Apart from this, he can also share with you some tips and techniques in improving the condition of your leather boots.

Always check the care instructions that come with your leather boots. Keep in mind that not all leather boots are alike. Some are made from special materials that require special maintenance. Remember also that after cleaning the leather boots, you have to keep them in a well-ventilated area, so they can breathe and have protection from mold and mildew.


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