How To Care for Your Accessories

No outfit is complete without the right accessories to glamorize your look. A well-chosen handbag and a chic cocktail ring can spell the difference between a stylish ensemble and a cheap getup. Every woman knows that her accessories are as important as her dresses. However, these style options would fall into disuse if they were not well-maintained. Here are some tips and tricks to taking care of your fashion accessories.

  1. Organize!  You will have a lot of small, easy-to-misplace accessories such as rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Without a proper organizing system, you might end up not being able to pick the right one for your outfit, or worse, end up losing them! Small boxes with compartments are useful for their storing and organizing these valuables. Make a wise choice, and invest in tie racks, shoe racks, bag racks—anything that will give you a system of storage. Remember, a well-organized closet will save you the time and effort of sifting through an entire closet of chaos. Make sure that you store your accessories in a low humidity space, and avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Regular cleaning and dusting is important to prevent tarnish from building up and ruining your accessories.
  2. Jewelry care. While each kind of jewelry (precious stones, pearls, opals) will have its own specific regimen of care, there are some general rules to follow for handling jewelry. Remove all your fashion accessories after use. You don’t want them to interact with perspiration, water, and other chemical agents. Avoid scratches by never using anything else but 100% cotton as a polishing cloth. Never use them in swimming pools or hot tubs, and under no circumstances, should you use toothpaste as a cleaning material.
  3. Bag care. Buff that leather to keep it in its pristine condition. Apply leather polish regularly and avoid overstuffing – the latter causes stretching which harms the leather of your bag. Use a suede brush for your suede bags, but handbag fabrics such as silk, canvas, or cotton deserve the cleaning touch of a professional. If the zipper becomes sticky, give it a quick rub with dry candle wax, then wipe off the excess. You can make those handbags last by storing them in cotton or canvas, but any pillowcase or old t-shirt will do.
  4. Shoe care. If your wheels need regular tune-ups, so do your shoes! Whenever buying a new pair, make sure you have the right cleaner to go with it. Simple touches such as spraying new shoes with waterproof protector, adding taps and half-soles, using shoe trees for storage, greatly lengthen your shoe's lifetime.  As much as possible, store your shoes in their original boxes and avoid plastic containers.
  5. Belt care. Aside from giving regular cleaning and polish, you should make sure you hang your bents by the buckle. Hanging them by their leather side causes abrasions and cracks to appear on the surface, ruining this fashion essential.

There are numerous fashion accessories that accompany dresses and outfits, and it may seem like a mind-boggling task to keep them all organized. Always be patient, and remember that caring for your accessories is caring for yourself in the long run. The smart, sassy look can only be pulled off when you have everything – from your hat to your shoes – down perfect.


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