How To Change a Battery in Wittnauer Watchs

Wittnauer watches were very well known during 1990s. Being in the business for quite some time, the brand needed a re-boost to increase their standing and sales. They achieved this boost by releasing a watch that has one year life battery.

Today, their watches come with a two to 20 year battery life. Their watches are made to stand the test of time, only needing a battery change as high as five times and as low as one time per decade.

Wittnauer owners can either take their watches to a jewelry repair shop if these need a battery change, or replace the battery on their own.

If you are one of those crunched for money or pressed for time, here are some tips and instructions on how to effectively change the battery of your Wittnauer Watch.

  • Gather materials needed. Get a magnifying glass, some light source, a precision flat-head screw driver and a pair of needle nose pliers. These are the basic materials that will help you properly change the battery and position the pieces in order.
  • Find an appropriate work place. Set the materials up in a place where there is bright light. Make sure you work on a wide, stable surface to avoid losing any of the parts. A magnifying glass is also necessary to aid your view of the very small pieces and compartments of your watch.
  • Remove the screws. At the back of your watch, you should find four screws. Remove them by using the appropriate screwdriver that matchestheir size. Wittnauer screws are always the flat-head type. After removing the screws, put them in a secure place where you can easily find them.
  • Open the watch. Using a pair of needle nose pliers, remove the back side of the watch. Use only a small amount of force to push outward. This will cause the cover to slide off the back of your watch. You should readily see the battery once it’s removed. 
  • Change the battery. Slightly force the edge of the clip that holds the battery in position using the needle nose pliers. Turn the watch over slowly, until the battery falls off on its own. After removing the old battery, install the new battery. Make sure to place the battery in the proper orientation by observing the positive and negative sides of the battery. 
  • Do some final checking. In changing the battery of your Wittnauer watch, always check the type of battery you have in your Wittnauer watch. You must replace it with the same size or same type of battery. Before replacing the back of your watch, make sure the battery fits and does not move around inside your watch.

Return each piece that you taken out back to their respective places. Ensure that all screws are installed tightly to avoid malfunctioning. Check your watch and check if it works normally. Always be cautious in working with watches as these are delicate little machines with very small pieces placed in precise designs. If you have shaky hands or are not confident enough to change the batteries, then have  a professional do the battery change for you.


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