How To Change a Wenger Watch Battery

Wenger is a brand that manufactures Swiss knives and has been around since 1893. In 1988, the company also started making watches. These watches are known to be stylish and durable. You can purchase some of their watches by visiting their official website at For watches like these, the company suggests that you take the watch to a certified repair center or a watch service center to have the battery replaced. This can cost you lots of money. Why not try to change the battery of your Wenger on your own?

Here are the steps on how you can change the battery of your Wenger watch by yourself:

Materials. You will need a few materials in order for you to change the battery of your watch. You will need a watch back remover, a small flathead screwdriver and tweezers. You can purchase these materials from the hardware store or even your local watch service center. Also, prepare a small cotton cloth where you can lay the watch on.

Remove the back of the watch. Lay down your cotton cloth on a flat surface. Before you work on the watch, make sure that the face of the watch or the glass surface is rested on the cotton cloth to avoid it from having scratches. The back of a Wenger watch has a plate that protects and covers the battery and keeps it in place. There are different types of watch backs. Some of them are simple enough to pry off because there is a small slot where you can insert a screwdriver and pop off the cover. In some watch backs, it is harder to remove. You will need a watch back remover that was created for the purpose of removing the back of the watch. What you have to do is to change the width of the watch back remover to fit the width of the back of your watch. Afterwards, twist it to remove the back off. Remove the old battery at the back of the watch by using the tweezers.

Insert new battery. After removing the old battery with the tweezers, set it aside. Use the tweezers to get the new battery. Make sure that you place it on the watch correctly. Place the back of the watch back in place. If it is the popping kind, just press on the back cover tightly until you hear a small pop signifying that the backing is locked in place. If you have the twisting kind, screw the back of the watch back but make sure that you do not do it too tightly as you will have a hard time removing it the next time.

These are the simple steps on how you can change the battery of your Wenger watch. You do not have to go to the watch repair center just to have your battery replaced. Think of how much money you will save by changing the battery of your watch on your own.


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