How To Choose a Fashion Ring Design

Fashion rings are becoming all the rage today. Women are particularly drawn to fashion rings because of their flexibility and versatility. There is a multitude of beautiful styles and designs to choose from, so it’ll be difficult to come across someone with the exact same ring as you have.

A fashion ring can consist of different materials—synthetic stones, base metals, glass, beads, ivory, polymer clay, shells, seeds, bones, and even plastic. Most fashion rings are also relatively cheaper than traditional rings. If you’re having some trouble choosing from the many fashion ring designs available in the market, here are some tips you should consider.

  1. Think of a style or design that screams YOU. As with choosing any kind of accessory, choose a design that best suits your personality when buying a fashion ring. Dainty, delicate, and pretty designs like a fashion heart, fashion rose, or a fashion butterfly ring, exudes an air of romanticism and may suit women with a similar character. Some rings with abstract, contemporary, and even futuristic-looking designs may suit women with more eccentric tastes. Simple, neat designs like fashion stone rings, fashion cross rings, and rings designed with basic metals are perfect for women opting for a more traditional, classic look. No matter what kind of design it is, it all depends on what you think is a perfect representation of your own style and personality.
  2. Try on rings that highlight and accentuate the beauty of your fingers. Choose fashion rings that have that effect of accentuating the beauty of your fingers and even complementing the color of your skin once you put them on. Rings that seem to illuminate skin tone or make your fingers look slender and long, are perfect for you.
  3. Choose rings that make a statement. The beauty of fashion rings is its diversity in designs, styles, colors, and make-up. As the name suggests, fashion rings serve to complement an individual’s style, to make a fashion statement, and to showcase the recent trends in fashion. This sets them apart from more traditional rings like engagement rings and other high-end jewelry. When it comes to fashion rings, designs and styles are limited only as far as a designer’s or maker’s imagination goes. Every once in a while, there’s a new design that comes out. Once you see a design or style that instantly catches your eye, why not try it for yourself?
  4. Consult a fashion ring designer or maker. If you have a friend or you know of someone who designs and makes fashion rings for a living, why not try to ask some advice on what styles and designs look best on most women. If you prefer to go with the trend, ask for designs that are currently selling like hotcakes in the market. However, if you’re someone with a strong sense of individual style, you might want to have a fashion ring custom made for you, or browse until you come across a particular design that suits your taste.

Choosing a fashion ring design may be difficult because of the many beautiful and unique styles available.  You may even want to enroll in an online design class to help you narrow down your options.  But once you’ve honed in on your own personal style, consider particular tastes and likes, and go for designs that accentuate the beauty of your fingers, then you won’t be at a loss. 


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