How To Choose a Flattering Cocktail Dress for a Large Bust

Some women with a large bust size find it difficult to look for a good cocktail dress that will give them a balanced look rather than emphasizing their bust. Years ago it was quite difficult for women with large busts to find a flattering dresses that are in fashion. Now plus size dresses come in a variety of trendy styles that give women with larger figures the versatility to choose from a variety of fashionable and in-style clothes. Most clothes shops these days have different dress styles, designs and cuts that can give well-endowed woman a flattering figure. Take a look at the tips below on how to choose a cocktail dress for a woman with a large bust.

  • Take advantage of your ample bust line to wear a strapless cocktail dress, Invest in a good minimizer strapless bra, too to hold your breasts nicely. With the greater expanse of exposed skin on your chest, neck and shoulders, the eyes of people looking at you will tend to focus on them rather than your chest. You also have the distinct advantage of being able to keep a strapless dress in place without constantly tugging at the neckline.
  • Look for a cocktail dress with a V-neckline or one with a scoop neckline. These are good choices because they only show a bit of cleavage. If you are slim-hipped, look for a cocktail dress with a full skirt. This will balance your figure and emphasize your waist.
  • A cocktail dress with a square neckline will help draw the attention from your full breasts. Do not choose a cocktail dress that fits too tightly around the waist as this will put more emphasis on your ample top rather than draw attention away from it.
  • Look for a cocktail dress with detailing along the waist line, on the skirt or hemline. This will direct the eyes on the lower half of your cocktail dress. Make sure that the skirt does not hug your lower half too tightly. A good one will skim over your hips and flow smoothly from there.
  • Do not use long necklaces and chunky baubles on your neck as this will draw attention to your ample bust line. Move the eyes away from your chest by wearing beautiful and large earrings and hair accessories. Use flattering and dramatic make up to draw attention to your beautiful face rather than to your chest.
  • Avoid wearing a cocktail dress with ruffles, glittery accents and other detailing around the neckline because these will draw attention to the area you want to de-emphasize. A halter neckline though is a good choice because you can show your shoulders and you can control how much cleavage to show.
  • Do not choose a cocktail dress with a high neckline or with a loose top that belts at the waist as this style will give more emphasis to your ample chest. Do not choose one with stretch fabric that will cling to your figure or one with short and capped sleeves as these types of cocktail dresses will emphasize rather than hide.

Knowing what styles of clothes to choose and what styles to avoid will guide you in picking the right clothes to flatter your figure. With a large bust you do not have to hide it by choosing clothes with high necklines. What you need to do is show more skin on top to draw the eyes across your chest rather than focus on one spot.


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