How To Choose a Gothic Trench Coat

Buy a gothic trench coat today and you can wear it and still be stylish after twenty years. That’s the magic of a gothic trench coat—it’s always in style. The price of one trench coat speaks so much about its timeless beauty. One gothic trench coat costs so much that it really needs a lot of thinking before buying one. For sure, you don’t want to end up spending thousands of dollars for a coat only to find out that it doesn’t fit well to you or that it’s not the design you’ll be proud wearing.

Careful shopping for a gothic trench coat is necessary and for that, the following steps will be helpful:

1. Look for some cool designs of gothic trench. Simple googling will already provide you thousands of gothic trench coat designs—from the anime-inspired to the matrix-inspired. This step is very helpful if you still don’t have a specific gothic trench coat style in mind. But if you are already certain about one style, then skip and go to step 2.

2. Search for gothic trench coat design that you really like. By now, you already have an idea of the best gothic trench coat design that you really, really like. Start looking for that specific gothic trench coat design. Visit your local trench coat store. It’s best to shop offline for gothic trench coat because you need to fit the coat to see if it’s really good to look at on you. Shopping online is okay, as well, but make sure you know the right size of trench coat that will fit to you best.

Some online stores worth considering when buying gothic trench coat are:

  • AbyyShot. Here you will find a gothic trench coat like the one worn by Vash the Stampede. This store is the best way to go if you want a gothic trench coat that is anime-inspired. You will find many of the hard-to-find coats from your favorite anime shows. You’ll surely rock especially if you’ll wear a popular suit by a popular anime-character.
  • Gothic Plus. If you want something simple yet can still keep you warm and looking cool, then this online store should be your choice. Here, you will find genuine leather gothic trench coat. This can be more expensive but the extra dollars will surely be worth it.
  • 3rd and 56th Street Clothing. The gothic movement started in the United Kingdom. No wonder why this online store is based in UK. Today, this is considered to be one of the premier stores of gothic trench coats. Find here simple to more detailed coats.

So, have you found the gothic trench coat that you really, really like? If not, jump to step 3.

3. Create your own gothic trench coat design and let a tailor do it for you. Stop wasting time and spending a lot of effort looking for the perfect gothic trench coat. Why not hire a professional tailor that can make your trench coat? Make sure, however, that this tailor has experience in making trench coats. Most tailors can work on gothic trench coats using light fabrics than leather. But if you want leather-made, making your coat will require some more skills.

Gothic trench coat surely deserves your time and effort. You’ll understand that once you are already wearing the trench coat design that you really, really want.


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