How To Choose a High-Quality Handbag

Shoes and handbags are two of the most coveted accessories of fashionable females today. They take the act of selecting a handbag very seriously. A well chosen handbag can make your outfit stand out. You don’t necessarily have to buy a handbag from well know designers like Prada, Louis Vuitton, or Versace. There are many high-quality bags that don’t necessarily have to break the bank.

Be guided by the following when selecting a high-quality handbag:

Workmanship. When you say that you are looking for a high-quality handbag, the way that it is made will definitely spell the difference. Even if the store claims that the handbag is a high-quality one, don’t take their word for it immediately!  Examine the bag. Look at the stitching as well as the threading. Bags carry a lot of load. This can cause sub-par stitching to unravel and fall apart at the seams. The stitching should have consistent spaces in between every stitch. It is not uneven or sloppy. Go for cleanly stitched seams and straps with no frayed threads or unfinished edges.

Material. The finest handbags are made of high-quality materials like expensive natural leather that do not crack or fade. The color should also not rub-off. High-quality handbags with heavy beadwork, sequins or appliqués should be sewn properly so nothing falls off. When checking the outside of the bag, look inside and scrutinize the lining. Make sure that there are no holes or tears that can cause damage to the bag. Linings are usually made of wool, leather, nylon or vinyl. As for the straps, if these are not made of metal, the material should be strong enough to carry the weight of the bag and its contents. Pull on the strap to test the strength of the stitching at the point where the strap meets the bag.

Embellishments. The buckles, buttons, clasps, zippers and other embellishments must not be made from cheap metal that can chip, fade or easily bend. Test the zipper to make sure that it opens and closes smoothly. Clasps should function as they were intended. Metal embellishments should have smooth edges. Chains or links should be strong and not easily break. Beads used for high-quality bags do not crack or break easily.

Set a budget with a little flexibility when you shop for that perfect handbag. Expect to pay good money for a well made bag. You truly get what you pay for when you buy a bag that has been meticulous crafted and designed. High-quality bags will last a long time so in the end, a certain high price is justified. But, not all high-quality bags carry astronomical price tags. Sometimes, half of what you pay for is the designer’s name. Look for high-quality bag manufacturers, they are out there.

Other considerations. You should also consider your age, sense of style and where you will use the bag. Older women are more suited to classic looks made of leather. Younger women can opt for ones made of fabric with interesting designs.

High-quality bags are those that have been made with utmost care. You can see the high level of attention to detail by inspecting the stitching and threading, examining the outer material and inner lining and checking the quality of embellishments added to the bag. Since you will be paying a lot of money for high-quality hand bag, choose one that is versatile, will last many fashion seasons and express your own sense of style.


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