How To Choose a Leather Pilot Case Bag

Ah, the romance of flying!  One of the most popular accessories utilized by professional pilots is the leather pilot case bag, also called a pilot bag or flight bag.  It is compact enough to stow on board an aircraft, yet efficient enough to carry everything that's needed in its own space. The next time you are at an airport, watch the number of airline personnel trailing a smart-looking leather pilot case bag behind them as they make their connections.

The leather pilot case bag is no longer reserved for the professional pilot. It's found its way into the general populace as a handsome replacement for bulky, cumbersome pieces of luggage.  A man or woman carrying a leather pilot case bag shows a certain fashion sense and a sense of panache.  Many of today's frequent fliers feel that replacing their suitcases with sleek leather pilot case bags makes them look savvy and sophisticated.

If you want to replace your worn out, junky-looking suitcase with a smart leather pilot case bag, there are certain characteristics you should look for to get the best model for your purposes.

Choose a leather pilot bag with a soft but rugged quality leather that can stand up to miles of use. Black or brown calfskin is among the best quality choices. Leather pilot bags come in assorted sizes, but a bag measuring 18 inches long by 10 inches wide and 12 inches high usually has enough room for all of your belongings and will easily meet carry-on luggage size requirements.

Check to make sure that the bag has plenty of compartments that will accomodate a change of shirts and underwear, cell phones, headsets, pens, traveling documents, keys and small grooming accessories. Special features might include a reinforced bottom panel, a detachable shoulder strap to give you the option of slinging the bag over your shoulder or carrying it by the handles, slots to hold your credit cards and dividers within the main compartment to keep everything you are carrying well organized.

Although you can purchase a leather pilot bag by mail order, it's beneficial to actually see and hold the bag prior to making a purchase decision.  You can feel its weight and the quality of construction.  Check to see that the hardware is securely fastened on the bag and that the zippers are heavy duty and can move back and forth with ease without feeling loose or sloppy.

Color is a personal preference, with most leather pilot bags available in conservative colors such as black, brown or black with brown trim.


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