How To Choose a Plus Size Cardigan

There are three types of body shape. These are the ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph. The endomorphs are the plus-sized people. They are typically round-shaped and big-boned. This is due to their slow metabolism rate.

Plus-sized women are those with rubenesque figures. They are full-bodied with large breasts and hips. Because of their voluptuous body shape, cardigans have become a common piece of clothing in their wardrobe.

Cardigans are a basic type of clothing for any wardrobe. They are a form of sweater that uses buttons or zips at the front. This type of clothing is usually made from cotton or wool. Most cardigans are knitted by machine but the classic ones are done by hand.

Cardigans have lots of styles and designs for plus-sized people. Aside from being a must-have during the colder season, this type of clothing can also be fashionable. Cities with cold temperatures like Bangor, North Wales and Pembroke consider cardigans as a clothing must-have.

Here are some tips on how to choose the right plus-sized cardigan.

  • Using sweater vest cardigans is a great way to create a fashion statement. They can also flatter a plus-size figure. This type of cardigan is loosely-knitted which is also great for summer wear.
  • Having oversized cardigans in your closet is also a great wardrobe staple. Long duster cardigans are a great example of these. They are great for hiding the waist and the thigh areas. Having the basics as well as flattering colors can be a versatile piece for most of the existing wardrobes.
  • Tunic style cardigans are stylish yet comfortable. This style of cardigan gives the body a more slender effect. Most tunic style cardigans are made of cotton to create a nice wrap around the waist area.
  • Using a basic dark-colored cardigan on top of layers of clothing can be a nice way to flaunt specific areas in the body like the hips or breasts. Wearing a cardigan on top of a plain shirt may not be very fashionable, but it is always a safe bet. A classic long, black cardigan on top of a plain white shirt with dressy jeans is a basic fashion statement that can also look slimming.
  • Wool cardigans are the most common type of cardigans. They are stable clothing for every body type. Choosing a wool cardigan with big buttons can transform a simple wool cardigan to fashionable clothing. It can add emphasis to the design. And with the right design proportions, it can be a great piece of clothing for plus-sized women.

Choosing the cardigan that is suited for your body type can be appealing and functional at the same time. Wearing the right kind of cardigan for plus-sized people can be a great way to flaunt their voluptuous body.


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