How To Choose a Silver Ring with Semi Precious Stones

In the eyes of someone who is interested in neutral colors, silver bracelets or silver pendants are more preferable than gold ones.  Silver rings can also provide a sharp contrast for a gemstone with a bright color like a ruby.  Silver jewelry is also cheaper.  These are some of the reasons why they are becoming more popular.  Silver rings are becoming more in demand, and it seems like the need for it is not slowing down.  However, the increasing demand for silver rings has made the suppliers resort to mass production.  There is now a free-flowing supply of these rings, but the quality might not be good.  Semi precious stones, on the other hand, are gaining more value even if they are mass-produced.  Quartz, topaz, opal, etc. are becoming more popular and more expensive.  So, if you want to get a ring that is worth your money, here are some helpful tips on how to choose a silver ring with semi precious stones.

  1. Choose a slightly tarnished silver ring.  A slightly tarnished silver ring gives a more authoritative look.  It is comparable to a rich man with many experiences, which is rough but elegant in a way.  Combine this quality with a classic Tiffany ring design, a silver ring would provide your fingers with a sophisticated, authoritative, and firm look.  And for thin designs intended for our female partners, it will give their hands a shy, delicate but elegant look.
  2. Decide on having a custom silver ring.  Make sure that you have full control of how the ring should look.  You must understand that there are quality problems in making rings, like holes, bends, and cracks.  When you have decided on buying a silver ring, you have to make sure that the thickness of the ring is enough to resist a strong force before it bends.  It is also important to have adequate support for the mount.  You do not want to lose a ruby or diamond just because it was not firmly supported by the mount of the ring.
  3. Avoid plating. The quality of a plated ring is as low as its value.  The shimmer will not last long if you have a plated ring.  Other plated rings even break easier, especially cuff rings, because the composition of the metals doesn’t work out.
  4. The semi precious stone on a silver ring is anything but invisible.  Silver has the tendency to show off the gem.  This also means that the gem should always remain intact.  Its edges should be well polished and the symmetry should be perfect.  Opaque stones like opal are very suitable for the ring because their beauty can assist silver rings.  What opals lack in shimmer, the ring can provide.  But if you must choose an opaque stone, choose one with an exaggerated size.
  5. The right ring for the occasion.  How you choose a ring and its gem is as important as why you chose the ring.  If the ring is a gift for a birthday to a close friend of the opposite sex, give a ring with a subtle design.  Nothing fancy unless you want that person to think that you are interested in more than just friendship.  If it is for someone you are romantically involved with, then dress your ring to impress.

There are several perspectives as to how you choose a silver ring: the romantic and the friend or the rich and the poor, or the man and the woman.  But only one thing is for sure, the quality and shape should be of perfection.


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