How To Choose a Spring Skirt to Minimize Hips

Most celebrities and models seem to have awesome and flawless figures.  The fact of the matter is that they are not as naturally gifted as they seem.  Many of these celebrities only mask the imperfections of their physique.  You may be wondering how they do it.  The trick is in wearing clothes that minimize or enhance your problem areas.  One problem area that many women would like to enhance is the hips.  Many women suffer from wide hips and would like to minimize them to a certain acceptable degree.  The best way to achieve this is by wearing skirts that can downplay the hip area.  If the current season is spring, then you will need to know how to choose a spring skirt that will make your hips look flawless to other people.

  1. A-line skirts are A-class.  The most effective style of spring skirts that can really diminish your wide hips is an a-line skirts.  An a-line skirt is a skirt that widens all the way down the hem line.  This optimizes your figure while keeping the attention away from your hips.  To maximize this flattery, choose a skirt that is not too detailed.  Skirts with soft pleats should provide maximum enhancement.
  2. Bias skirts are a no-no.  A bias cut skirt is a hips worst nightmare.  The cut does little to mask any flaw brought about by wide hips.  In fact, a bias cut will definitely widen and enlarge the visual display of your hips.  It is important not to wear this skirt style lest you want to be mistaken as a buffet table.
  3. Colors can make the difference.  When choosing spring skirts or any other skirt for that matter, it is crucial to choose the correct color or color combination.  Dark colors normally attract attention so that if you are wearing a two tone colored skirt, always remember that the dark color should be at the lower half of the skirt.  Make sure that the upper half of the skirt where the hips are located is in a light color.  This ensures that eyes are always away from your hips.
  4. Stripes make you look slimmer.  Vertical stripes on clothes will always make a person slimmer than they appear.  It is the same with any type of clothing.  Choosing a skirt with vertical stripe designs on it is a good choice to make you appear slimmer including your sensitive hips.  Remember to avoid horizontal strips or bold designs on skirts.
  5. Accessorize wisely.  Avoid accessories that draw attention to your hips.  A good example is low-slung belts.   Avoid this like the plague.  Draw your audience’s eyes upwards by wearing fabulous earrings or a necklace.

All department stores and clothing shops have a dressing room with a mirror.  These are used for customers to try on clothes and see how they fit.  Always to remember to try on a skirt of your choice to see if it does flatter you or make you look like a cow.  Bring a close friend that can provide you a good opinion on how you look.  Just remember one important rule if you want your hips to seem smaller, draw the eyes of your viewer away from your hips.  Follow this rule and you should be fine.


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