How To Choose a Style of Hat

Wearing the newest and trendiest clothes and accessories does not necessarily translate to a fabulous fashion statement.  Most fashion gurus will say that being fashionable is not a direct result of what you wear but how you wear it and if it suits your personality.  With so many fashion choices available, women normally will not have a problem looking fabulous.  Men, on the other hand, have very limited fashion options to choose from.  Nevertheless, a man can increase his fashion prestige through a simple yet significant accessory such as a hat.  A man can always top off a simple ensemble with an awesome looking hat and will look like a celebrity right off the covers of GQ magazine.  Choosing a hat style to match your personality and style is pretty easy.  All you need is a mirror and a few people to give you the encouragement you need.

  1. Look in the mirror.  Before starting the search and trying on the different hats you can find in a clothing store, you should examine yourself closely by taking a meticulous gander of yourself in the mirror.  Take note of the size and shape of your head, the length and thickness of your hair, and the build of your body.  These will all matter in selecting the perfect hat style for you.  For example, say you notice that your head is round and your body is slim.  Most people will always notice the roundness of your head.  If you select and wear a hat with a very narrow brim, you will definitely have eyes focusing on how round your head is.  The technique in choosing a hat is that when you wear it, all your physical flaws are masked and that you will look great as a whole.
  2. Take note of your wardrobe.  The hat you choose to wear should be in line with the clothes you wear.  You do not want to be wearing a 10 gallon cowboy hat while wearing an Armani suit.  You should keep in mind your total clothing theme.  For example, if you are wearing a smart casual or semi-formal ensemble, a fedora hat may be appropriate and it can even do wonders to your overall appearance.  On the other hand, if you are wearing just a plain shirt and jeans, then a baseball cap might be the best choice for you.
  3. See how it looks on you.  Once you determine your overall theme, start shopping.  Go to multiple stores that carry various hat styles.  This will enable you to have many choices in styles.  Once you have short-listed a few hats, try them on.  Do not purchase any hat without trying it on and walking around wearing it.  A hat, regardless of style, should fit and be comfortable on your head.  If possible, bring a friend or two to help you decide.  The more favorable opinions you can get, the better.

The best choices for hats are dependent on overall theme and comfort.  These should be top priority.  When shopping, always remember to check the return policy of the store.  In this case, you might be able to return the hat once you see later on that it does not suit you at all.


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