How To Choose a Wedding Ring

The wedding gown, the reception, the decorations - they're all very important and require much planning, but there's one item that can be described as one of the most important choices you'd make: the wedding ring. The wedding ring, unlike the food at the reception or the flowers at the wedding - is meant to last for a long, long time, and that tiny item is a reminder of what marriage is:  forever. That being said, what are some ways to choose a wedding ring?

List down your primary considerations. There are so many kinds of wedding rings to choose from, and what you'd need would be a basic guideline (a list of non-negotiables) to help you instantly narrow down your choices. Some of your primary considerations could involve the following factors: your budget, your personal style, and other things that you are looking for in a ring (comfort, durability, color, make, etc).

Browse through wedding ring websites.  To help you know of the possibilities, make sure that you allot time to look through the commercially-available wedding rings. Some websites worth checking out include the following:, for ladies' and men's wedding rings, weddingringsdepot, and

Shop for wedding rings together. Unlike engagement rings which are best shopped for by the man (and given as a surprise), the best thing about wedding rings is that you and your husband/wife-to-be can shop for it together. This way, you'd both be able to choose according to your individual preferences.

Ask your family and relatives for recommendations. They've had their wedding rings for years, and you'd be able to benefit from their perspective.

Yellow gold or white gold? It pays to be on the know regarding the technical aspects of wedding ring shopping. One of your primary considerations will be the type of metal that your ring is made out of. The three top metals are yellow gold, white gold and platinum. Yellow gold is the traditional choice, while white gold is getting trendier because it's more affordable. Platinum is very durable and safe for people with allergies, but it tends to be the most expensive.

What about precious gems? Precious gems are very classy and speaks of sophisticated fashion, though do take into consideration the fact that wedding rings are worn every single day, and so they should be hard enough and durable enough for daily activities. Diamonds are the most durable, followed by rubies, sapphire, emerald and topaz. Gems like amethyst, garnet and opal are not recommended for wedding rings because they're weakest and most prone to abrasion.

If you're considering buying diamond wedding rings, there are numerous other factors to consider, but in general terms, these factors could be summed up with the 4 C's: carat, color, clarity, and cut. Look up articles on how to buy diamond jewelry for more helpful tips.

Consider the carat. If you've decided on the traditional yellow gold wedding ring, be sure to look up how many carats it has. A 24 K gold ring is pure gold, but it is not considered very durable (because of its softness). The preferred karat range for yellow gold is from 14 K to 18 K.

Consider buying pre-owned or discounted wedding rings. If you're on a tight budget, check out websites such as and idonowidon' for previously-owned wedding rings and other items.

There you have it! These are just some of the ways to choose a wedding ring. The days while you're choosing your wedding ring should be days of great happiness and expectation, and so here's another tip: remember to have fun while choosing! Good luck! 


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